Recipe: Nutella Blossom Cakes

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Not too long ago, some photos of colourfully designed cupcakes have been bombarding my feed on Instagram. Despite ignoring the first few sightings of it with a mere thought of how cute it looks, its repeated appearance urged my curious mind to find out on what it really is and how it can be made. To my surprise, the difficulty level of it requires no more than a 10 year old’s baking skills, while the number of ingredients needed is significantly lesser than an average cupcake recipe.

Nutella blossoms (steam cakes) recipe


3 Eggs
275g Plain Flour
220g Castor Sugar
150ml Milk
3 teaspoons Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Ovalette/Sponge Cake Stabiliser or condensed milk as a substitute
Fillings – nutella/ blueberry/ strawberry (Nutella will be used here)
Food Colouring of your choice
1: Sift the flour & Baking powder into a large bowl. Set aside.
2: Beat the eggs and sugar till it turns pale.
3: Add the sponge cake stabiliser, flour+baking powder and milk. Mix well.
4: Divide the batter into portions depending on the number of colours you wish to have.
5: Add in the colour of your choice into each portion. Mix well.
6: Pour the batter into 5 separate piping bags.
7: Fill cupcake cases up till 1/3 full.
8: Add one teaspoon of Nutella into each case.
9: Fill the rest of the cup full with batter.
10: Let your creative juices run free. Design each cupcake as you wish with the various colours of batter.
11: Steam for 5 minutes.

Recipe adapted from Apam Polkadot

words and photos by Beverley W., Razz Food Correspondent

13 thoughts on “Recipe: Nutella Blossom Cakes

  1. Hi! I made e blossoms using e above recipe but e cakes turn out abit harder and not as fluffy. Wat cld b e reasons? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi..
    Already try this recipe.. But why my nutella sink into the bottom ? Not staying in the middle like its supposed?

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