A Little Nonsense at the BikeShed Theatre

Acclaimed Bristol theatre company Juncture return to The Bike Shed Theatre with an original black comedy that explores the clown inside the man and the mirth hidden in the melancholy.

Through mime, slapstick, poetry and farce, A Little Nonsense is a bare-knuckle look at the sharp edge of funny. The play follows a tortured double-act as they walk the tightrope between love and loathing and question the importance of light and shade in our lives.

A Little Nonsense combines the physicality of Buster Keaton, the linguistic games of Beckett and the off-kilter world of a David Lynch movie as the audience is led between moments of hilarity, violence and dark surrealism.

Adam Blake and Harry Humberstone

You can see this original dark comedy in Exeter on 4th – 14th February, 2014.

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