Ski Style

After Christmas, there’s little to look forward to in these dreary winter months.  But for those lucky enough to be hitting the slopes, the cold isn’t so hard to bear!  With every ski trip (whilst, of course, endeavouring to keep warm on the mountains) most girls anxious to look their best in their skiwear and to keep up-to-date with the current winter trends.

 Salopettes and jackets are expensive and (given that they only get used for about a week a year) unlikely to be available on a student budget, but ski accessories can be revamped year after year to give you a new and on-trend look every time you hit the slopes.

To ensure your accessories match the same outfit every year, it works well to buy neutral colours that will complement whatever colour jacket you have.  This grey Barts Faux Fur headband is always a favourite and, whilst looking great, it will also keep you toasty warm in the snow with its fleece lining.

bar0455nn (1)


Bobble hats are also always popular and, keeping in line with the current penchant for faux fur, this Topshop knitted hat has an adorable furry pompom to top it off.



Another easy accessory to update is your sunglasses.  You’ll be hoping for some beautiful skiing conditions, so why not be optimistic and buy some new shades just in case?  These two pairs from Urban Outfitters offer two distinct but equally chic looks.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.27.22


It goes without saying that skiing is a chilly sport and often, when faced with a particularly sharp black run, you could do with a little Dutch courage.  Why not sneak a hipflask into your pocket? It’s the perfect pick-me-up and some local Genepi will work wonders in warming you up.  Urban Outfitters always have an interesting collection of designs, but this one is probably my favourite.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.33.12


 When the pistes start to close and it’s time for some après-ski, you might as well slip into something a little more comfortable.  And by this I mean throw on some jeans and a seasonal gilet.  Napapijri do some gorgeous gilets – I know, they’re expensive, but what’s the harm in admiring?  These two would both look perfect whilst enjoying a vin chaud.



 Of course, lots of us won’t be lucky enough to head to the slopes this year, but even if you’re not, these easy pieces will help you brave the cold in style wherever you are.

by Heather Tarplee, Razz Fashion Correspondent

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