Feature- Have Yourself a Merry, Lush Christmas: Event and Product Review

This November, we felt extremely lucky to be invited to a Lush press event, which showcased their Winter collection. Lush Exeter assistants: Elsa, Lucy, and Adam were fantastic hosts, and had a true zeal for the products and informed knowledge on Lush’s ethical sourcing which, for us, really gave the kaleidoscope of gorgeous bath bombs, creams, and gels a new value. We want to share all of our favourite items from the evening with you, and our new Lush knowledge.

As all Lush lovers will agree, the sensation when you walk into a Lush shop is unlike any other. You are immediately hypnotised by the abundance of fun and feisty products, all of which possess a quirky name. No, you do not need a “Razzle Dazzle”, but it sounds so cute that you should most definitely buy one. Walking in to check out the new collection was no exception. A group of giddy Lush-obsessed bloggers fawned over the bells and the sparkles and exclaimed which ones we had tried and which ones we wanted to before we settled down to listen to the experts. The collection is not what you might expect. Lush have discarded the typical Christmas tree greens and cinnamon reds this year and are making winter a little brighter. In all of the range you can find Pop Art colours, a fun change to the usual dark winter vibe. There are, of course, some classics in store again “The Magic of Christmas” wand and “Snow Fairy”,  will always be unbeatable, but there are some new products that really stood out for us.

Never Mind the Ballistics does not look like a winter bath bomb. It evokes a mirage of strawberry daiquiris on a beach in the Bahamas and somehow that just works. The bomb is blocked in yellow and pink and its ingredients include Fair Trade cocoa butter and fresh bananas which give it a fresh and fruity scent and soft feel on the skin. We were lucky enough to see a demonstration of Never Mind the Ballistics in store and it continued to fizz for at least twenty minutes, vivaciously colouring the water and proving difficult to take your eyes off. Never Mind the Ballistics is £4.25 so a similar price to the usual bath bombs
and is great as a stocking filler.


If you’re after something a little more tinsel-inducing, make a beeline for the “Santasaurus” bubble bar. Of course, the Snow Fairy wand is a winter favourite, but this new addition is the cutest yet. Shaped like a dinosaur and wearing a Santa hat, this is a product that really brings the range into the festivities. All you have to do is run this little guy under the tap and watch the bubbles grow. All of the bubble bars can be used more than once which makes them quite a steal at £5.95, and a perfect gift for children and big kids alike. The use of Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil bring refreshing citrus notes to the bath, perfect for a little winter relaxation.

Whilst I would love to bang on about the whole range I will leave you with just one more must-have. “Sleepy” is a beautiful new body lotion, captioned very accurately: ‘all is calm, all is bright’. A gentle oatmeal infusion and calming lavender tone prove a perfect combination of musk and floral scent. The smell is extremely similar to “Twilight, a personal favourite Lush bath bomb. A bath with “Twilight”, followed by “Sleepy and some new Christmas pyjamas is how December evenings should be spent. The lotion comes in two sizes, 95g at £7.95 and 215g a £13.95 and we are already wishing we’d treated ourselves to the larger size as it will definitely become a new long-standing favourite.

lush 3.jpg

What’s more is that all of Lush’s produce is vegetarian, however they are currently shifting to become more and more vegan – in fact, the Halloween and Winter collections are the first ever Lush series to be completely vegan. Furthermore, this year their collection is entirely self-preservable. What is most astounding about Lush products (along with the rich colours, glitter, and delicious smells of course) is that there is quite often a story behind their individual creations. One example is Lush’s choice to buy their cocoa beans from a group of 2,100 farmers that have pledged themselves to a position of non-violence in the civil war which has plagued Colombia for six years. In the backdrop of violence, intimidation, and uncertainty this community still exists in harmony with their surroundings, and Lush not only buys their cocoa beans but have helped them dry, store, and export them – in the past, the community has been robbed and lost everything. Lush’s soap, “Peace, and popular body lotion, “Charity Pot, are two of the products that are made from these same beans, and their names reflect their genial origins. If you would like to know more about Lush’s ethical sourcing, be sure to pick up their latest magazine.

Lush’s unwavering commitment to the communities in which they buy from, and continuous research into how to ensure their products are completely natural, is admirable in what is becoming an increasing globalised world which forgets the people, animals, and environment that are damaged in the pursuit of cheap (and quite often toxic) cosmetics. We hope you enjoy their Winter collection as much as we did – they are perfect for cute Christmas pressies for both your friends and family… and not forgetting those ‘from me, to me’ kind of presents now that the dark evenings and deadlines are setting in.

Good job, Lush!

-Hattie Cotmore and Chrissi Lewes

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