Sealed – Theatre with Teeth Review

Theatre with Teeth’s latest production Sealed is a tale with all the intrigue of a classic whodunit and all the laughs of a decent pre-drinks…albeit a pre’s with seven strangers and a rather impressive age range.

The seven receive letters summoning them to a certain place at a certain time. Upon arrival they’re left to their own devices with no sign of the host and only each other and a bottle of wine for company as the pieces of the puzzle fall in to place.

Running between the 22nd and the 24th of November, this student led gem took over the top floor of Boston Tea Party each evening. I’ll admit it was a little odd at first having your Sunday brunch restaurant of choice reimagined as a mysterious home, complete with mysterious letters and a mysterious host, but it worked. The leather chairs I’ve sipped many a mocha in, and the wooden tables usually reserved for scrambled eggs and avocado toast, lent the setting an authenticity which would be difficult to capture on a traditional stage and an intimacy which brought every audience member into the fold. I would also argue that the easy access to cider and brownies elevated the production to a level the Royal Shakespeare Company could only dream of.


A special mention must go to writer Will Jarvis for the delicate balance between sincerity and humour which he managed to maintain, with the help of the excellent cast, throughout the two act piece. Delving in and out of these shades of emotion was, for me, what really drove the plot and made each of the seven strangers seem like just the opposite.

Whilst Sealed’s short run has come to an end you can catch Theatre with Teeth’s upcoming production Love Among the Penguins at Mardon Hall from the 4th-6th December. If it’s anything like their latest outing, you’re in for a Christmas treat.

(4 stars)

-Erin Maher

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