Find your Lush Match: The Valentine’s Collection

Earlier this month Razz was lucky enough to be invited to another press event at Lush, this time to preview their Valentine’s range. Greeted by that renowned Lush smell, four lovely hosts, and a selection of Valentine’s nibbles (vegan chocolate truffles, love hearts, and Marks & Spencer’s Percy Pigs), we knew we were in for a good night.

After drinks and introductions, we saw each of the Valentine’s products being swirled into big bowls or in a cascading display of bubbles passing between jugs. We even got to play a celebrity crush game, where we tried to match the Lush gift sets to well known celebrities – of course it’s obvious that Drake would love the Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Set (£19.95), containing almost every Valentine’s bath-related product! The products in the exclusive Valentine’s range are an eclectic mixture of unicorn horns, emoji bubble bars and ladybirds, and they all live up to the Lush hype. While we wish we could go on about each and every one of them, here is our top five:

lush collage 2.jpg

Five: Ladybird Bubble Bar, £3.95


This was a strong contender, as bubble bars can be used multiple times and produce the BEST bubbly baths ever. This one is great for those who don’t want a super soppy Valentine’s day. Whilst the ladybird design is still cute, it isn’t bright pink, covered in hearts nor does it smell of roses. The prevailing scent is minty, produced by the peppermint oil, making it a lovely refreshing bath. It also contains some geranium oil to produce a well-balanced sweet, yet menthol-scented, aroma. Emerging from a previous Mother’s Day collection, we thought this was the perfect choice for those who want to treat themselves to an energizing bath and not worry too much about Valentine’s Day.

Four: Prince Charming Shower Cream, £5.50prince-charming

When we think of Lush, we think of bath bombs – that’s a given. But there is so much more to the store, and a good way to venture out into the big wide world of the non bath-related products is to begin with this shower cream. The bottle claims that your search for a perfect rinse ends here, and we couldn’t agree more. This bright pink body wash smells like lemon drizzle cake and leaves your body feeling soft and buttery, so it’s basically deliciousness in a bottle.

Three: Two Hearts Beating as One, £3.95

two hearts beating as one.jpg
For those of you who know Lush like the back of their hand, the floral smell of this cute heart crossover will remind you of Razzle Dazzle when dropped into your hot and steamy bath. Infused with argan oil, almond oil, rose oil and a tonne of other ethically sourced ingredients, this coral and magenta bath melt will be sure to moisturise and condition your skin and leave it smelling delightful.

Two: Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, £4.25

Okay, so this is another bubble bar, but you can never have too many, right?
The unicornunicorn-horn horn shape and colour create a magical combination and even the thought of it can make anyone feel like a princess. However, there is also a proven aspect to this magical effect. The bubble bar contains Neroli oil which increases serotonin levels in the brain, making you feel happier and more relaxed. Who needs Prince Charming when this infusion of lavender and Neroli oils release similar chemicals to those of cuddling? As Lush perfectly describe, the unicorn horn transports you to a “fairytale landscape of feel-good, fragrant bubbles”.

One: Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, £4.25

lush-rose-bomb-bath-bombThis is the bath bomb which just keeps on giving. It contains three different types of rose products: rose petals, rose absolute, and rose oil, and turns your bath water bright pink before releasing yellow rose petals. A slightly more Valentine’s themed product, this one also contains geranium oils and a burst of Sicilian lemon, which infuses well with the lovely rose scents. Most importantly, the rose products contained in this product (as well as other Lush products) are sourced directly from 3000 farmers in Turkey and hand picked before sunrise. To make 1kg of oil, it takes 1,866,666 roses and we can only imagine how much Lush needs for its products! If you want to find out more, you can follow the link here.

lush collage one.jpg

Whether you’ll be sharing your bath this Valentine’s Day or having the tub all to yourself, make sure you pick your perfect Lush match – whether it’s a floral bath bomb, or a magical bubble bar, there really is something for everyone. Yes, it might be unrealistic to guess which product Drake would most enjoy, but the idea is spot on! Just choose one of your favourites, pop into the bath, and enjoy a night of pure indulgence – you could even treat yourself to some Percy Pigs (they’re great, we promise!) Whichever product you go for, you’re bound to be spreading the love even further than you think; many of the ingredients in their products are Fair Trade, 80% are suitable for vegans, and the premium that Lush pays per kilogram of rose oil goes towards the building and running of a local primary school in Senir, Turkey.

Thanks for inviting us to the Lush event! If you aren’t already following Lush on social media we really recommend it. The Exeter Lush store can be found on Instagram as lushexeter, on Twitter as ExeterLush and on Facebook as LushExeter. They also recommended the following related social media accounts to us: @lushkitchen, @your_soapbox, @gorillaarthouse, @thelush_times, @lush (insta) and @lushltd (twitter). All product photographs used are property of Lush.

-Anna Bonet and Lucy Lincoln

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