One to Watch: Paige Music

Discovering new music is one of the delights in this unpredictable world. In my opinion, it can make everyone’s week just that little bit better. That’s how it feels to listen to the talented tunes and vibes of Paige Music, led by Lauren Buckley.

The Buckinghamshire singer has been around music and performance for a long time. Her passion for music and singing has led to her take the plunge to put herself out there and start creating. Noting this as one of the most “liberating things ever”, I find her ethos to be particularly inspiring and effervescent.

Starting out recording music originally as gifts for her family, the process allowed her to realise her potential. By surrounding herself with like-minded friends, she has been encouraged to push herself to see what she can really achieve. All of this has led to her first produced single ‘Velvet Rose’, recorded late last year; this has grounded her sound and shown us the kind of artist she wants to be. Lauren, along with her close and incredibly hardworking music team, have created a brilliant soulful song that brings together everything she’s worked on and will be followed up by an EP later this year.

‘Velvet Rose’, released on SoundCloud, has a brilliant combination of sounds to create a deep and meaningful expression. The introductory piano notes are soon overlaid by Lauren’s melodic voice, and the harmonious notes lead to an air of mystery and edgy-pop vibe which is a dream for a summer’s day.

When speaking to Lauren about her forthcoming EP, it quickly became clear how important her work is to her “We always laugh and say that releasing a song is like letting your baby go out into the real world, so when the EP comes out I imagine it will be like this feeling but even more so!”. The mixture of nerves and excitement is evident and comes as no surprise as the culmination of any project carries these feelings, especially true for such a creative and personal piece. Focusing on the jazz and soul undertones heard in her single, the EP hopes to be 4 or 5 songs that acknowledge this style and vibe, but also mix up the variety and showcase a range of musical techniques. As Lauren puts it “Each song is created by going into the studio with an idea so this could be a title or a chorus for example. I always put down an original vocal sample and the whole song then stems from this. So each song on the EP will have been created this way and I find it a very simple but effective way to set the mood for the entire song.”

Speaking of the future, other aspects of Paige Music’s blossoming career are beyond impressive too, namely her live performances. Following on from successful live shows this year, there are hopes to get a band together (with particular focus and love for jazzy saxophone players) so that they can play bigger venues. There are also upcoming local gigs in a new and original venue, which I have been lucky enough to attend, not to mention potential festival slots.  If you don’t manage to get to these, keep and eye out for the upcoming YouTube channel with recordings of live acoustic sessions which are sure to feature an original twist. To keep up with dates and also the exciting release of Paige Music’s EP, then get all up in that social media;


Instagram – @paigemusicofficial

FB – Paige Music

SoundCloud – Velvet Rose


Sasha Macaulay


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