Netflix’s Best Binges for Summer

If you, like me, are sick of the heatwave and have resorted to sitting inside trying to stay cool, then never fear! Razz has rounded up six of Netflix’s most bingeable shows for you to watch until the weather calms down and we can all safely wear jeans again.

 The Good Place

Simply put, The Good Place is one of best original shows that Netflix has to offer. From the creator of The Office and Parks And Recreation, it follows Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) as she discovers that she’s died and – congratulations! – made it into heaven. But there’s been a mistake. Selfish, mean and proud of having scammed the elderly for a living, Eleanor is definitely in the wrong place. As being found out means going straight to hell, she needs to keep her cover and learn how to become a good person. Filled with an exceptional ensemble cast, hilarity and pepperings of philosophy, each episode is a delectable 20 minutes long- perfect for bingeing. With two seasons and a third to come later this year, you’d better get watching!

 Queer Eye

A remake of the 2003 hit show, Queer Eye has a simple premise – Five gay men, aptly named ‘The Fab Five’, have one week to completely makeover someone’s life. They travel across Georgia, each one an expert in their respective field: fashion, food, culture, grooming and interior design (although there is much online debate about whether chef Antoni can actually cook). The show is funny, engaging and unexpectedly heartwarming, covering topics from sexuality and ‘coming out’, to racism. The Fab Five genuinely bond with the people they meet, and encourage them to embrace who they are. If you don’t cry at least once, you probably don’t have a heart.


This drama grips you from the get go, telling the real-life story of Columbian drug lord (and the wealthiest criminal in history) Pablo Escobar and his much-feared Medellín cartel. It details his rise from small time drug dealer to the ‘King of Cocaine’, following two agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency as they try to bring him down. Filled with politics and corruption, Narcos switches between historical film of the real Escobar and their own footage. Make sure to have the subtitles on and your phone off, unless you’re fluent in Spanish!

 Brooklyn 99

A cop comedy with real heart, Brooklyn 99 follows the lives of detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) of the NYPD, and the rest of his squad at Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct. Immature but brilliant, Jake immediately clashes with the new Captain Raymond Holt, with Andre Braugher’s straight-laced character often providing much of the hilarity. There is no weak link in this ensemble cast made up of mostly comedians, and it shows. The writing is brilliant and sharp, even when it comments on more serious subjects such as police brutality and sexism. Quick-witted, fast-paced and always entertaining, this is perfect summer watching.

 On My Block 

On My Block is a coming of age comedy about four friends desperately trying to navigate high school in rough, inner-city Los Angeles. It blends the trials of puberty, changing friendships and fitting in with the ever-present threat of violence and gang culture. Funny, gritty, and filled with heart, this is more than your average teen drama. It switches from light to serious in a heartbeat, managing to stay realistic even in its darker moments. It’s already been renewed for a second season due to its fantastic reception, so now’s the time to catch up!


One night, police and residents of a small Australian town are shocked to discover that five people have seemingly returned from the dead. They’re confused and dirty, but look exactly how they were before they died, no matter the circumstances. There’s the WW1 hero, a girl who was murdered in the 80s, and even Chief Constable Hayes’ recently dead wife. With the help of the local doctor, Hayes must keep this news under wraps at the same time as working out how (and why) these people have come back. This is a thrilling supernatural mystery drawn out across six episodes that will keep you hooked. Season two came out last year, so there’s plenty to keep you entertained! 

So save yourself from sunburn and settle down with one of these picks! With so much choice, who needs to go on holiday?

 – Miranda Parkinson

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