The Freshers’ Starter Glossary to Exeter Slang

Arriving at any university is stressful enough, but it’s worse when you are suddenly confronted with language that you’ve never heard before. Here’s your starter glossary to the University of Exeter to make your transition into student life that little bit easier.

Lemmy: Shorthand for The Lemon Grove. The Lemmy is located between the Business School and Lafrowda and is the on-campus club which is making a comeback this year. It was forced to shut down after poor attendance last year but has been rebranded to draw in a new batch of freshers. Everyone must go to at least one club night, but fair warning: best to have a solid prinks at a Lafrowda flat to survive a possibly dead night.

Impy: The Imperial (AKA Impy) is one of the greatest Spoons you will ever enter and is located just off campus. It’s one of the cheapest places to get a pint and when you first see it, the orangery will take you aback. In the summer, the gardens will be flooded with empty Pimms’ jugs and soggy straws. In Freshers’ Week though, it’s a rite of passage for every Exeter student to team up on pitchers.

The Ram: The Ram is the bar on the main campus in Devonshire House – infamous for their legendary curly fries. Perfect for the start of society pub crawls and karaoke sessions (called Ramaoke – hilarious). It’s best if you get comfortable with The Ram as soon as.

The Rock: Another ritual for the Exeter student. The Rock (found on the drive into the main entrance of campus) is adorned with the University of Exeter logo and it is a necessity to have a picture with it. You will most likely be one of two people: the person who gets a picture on the Rock in your first week at uni, or the person who continuously fails to remember to get a picture on the rock before they graduate. It can be embarrassing to sit up there while one member of the friendship group is sacrificed as photographer, but it must be done.

Bleed Green: The University of Exeter mantra. With our colour being green and the honour of being an Exeter student so integral to your identity, you will hear mutterings that the students “bleed green”. Remember though, the more you say it, the less ironic you will sound.

EG: Acronym for ‘Empty Glass’. If you haven’t interacted with binge drinking culture much before uni, then this might be a new term. Popularised at sports’ socials especially, the action is to down your glass and chest bump the empty glass while grunting in a partially ironic voice “EG”. You will probably mock rugby lads who do this, but then be peer pressured into performing the act when egged on at a prinks.

Bolt Off: Another drinking custom, but this time with a partner. Firstly, you must clink your drink with a partner and then race against each other to down the beverage and slam it down on the table. A sure-fire way to finish your drink while the taxi pulls up, as well as to discover the ultimate drinkers amongst your peers.

Cheesy’s: The abbreviation of ‘Cheesy Tuesdays’ at Unit 1 and interchangeable with the spelling “cheesies”. Leave your pretentious music taste at the door and proceed to lose yourself in an amalgamation of Cascada, S Club 7, The Killers, Natasha Bedingfield, and Whitney Houston. While everyone should attend at least once, do not attend every week – otherwise you will quickly become bored with how repetitive the playlist can be. Also, please be careful running down the stairs from the toilets when you and your mate hear the first notes of the iconic Grease medley. Make sure as well to finish off the night with cheesy chips from the van outside.

Bottom Bottom; Middle; Top Top: You’ve found yourself in Time Piece (TP) on a Wednesday. You’ve lost your mate but have managed to finally get through to them on the phone. To reunite, you need to know the references to the main areas of TP. (If you can pinpoint these places, you’ll become familiar with the supporting areas such as the various sheltered benches and identical sets of toilets).

Firstly, there’s Bottom Bottom – accessed on the left-hand side of the entrance where you don’t have to pay entry. The walls are covered with random paraphernalia and it’s mainly the hub of rugby lads, but there’s decent music as well as easy access to a bar.

Then there’s Middle – the first main area you’ll reach through the paid entrance. This has a balcony for when you’re brave enough to have everyone gaze at you while you dance, although it can be a mixed bag of music choices with dance and chart reigning supreme.

Top Top is accessed through the staircase found in Middle and is probably the smallest dance area. However, it can deliver on the best songs. Be wary though, Top Top tends to be the hotspot of sexually frustrated students and so fills up with strangers making out. It’s useful info for a hook up, but a nuisance if you just want a dance with your mates.

-Charlotte ‘Fozz’ Forrester


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