Preview: BSO’s “Divine Sublime” @ Exeter Great Hall

On Thursday 11th October the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra shall return to grace Exeter Great Hall with the continuation of its latest season, which began at Poole Lighthouse on the 4th. There, according to The Times, Kirill Karabits conducted Mahler’s Resurrection symphony with an intense profundity that is sure to lay the groundwork for the year to come. This is Karabits’ tenth year as Chief Conductor, and it will be him that conducts works by Mozart and Beethoven on Thursday, to great anticipation.

To the uninformed, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra may sound (in name only) rather underwhelming; indeed, they started out in 1893 as a semi-military band of thirty wind instruments playing concerts on Bournemouth Pier. These quaint beginnings were not long to last however, and, with tassels shrugged from shoulders, the orchestra became, and remains, a world-renowned force for classical music. Both Elgar and Holst conducted the orchestra in their works, and it has performed the UK premieres of major international composers, from Tchaikovsky to Saint-Saëns.

Now, with Karabits at the helm, the concert season is set to provide a series of superb performances. Thursday evening’s ‘Divine Sublime’ holds in store Mozart’s Serenade No.10 ‘Gran Partita’ and Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. The former is described by Peter Shaffer’s Salieri as “the voice of God”, while the latter was labelled by Wagner “the apotheosis of dance itself”. The evening almost certainly promises to be one of instrumental mastery, and sublimity at its most romantic. Come the night, breath shall be bated in anticipation of a performance by the leading classical orchestra of the South-West, and one of the finest in the country.

-Ben Britton

Photo Credits: Eric Richmond

£5 student tickets are available an hour before the concert 

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