Autumn Playlist

With the hours of daylight decreasing and with the bitter cold of winter just around the corner, autumn is often given the reputation of being the dreariest of months. My English Lit teacher at college summarised November as being a “truly hopeless month with not one good thing about it”. Yet being born in autumn, I’ve always looked forward to when the leaves begin to turn orange and walking down cobbled paths filled with crispy leaves and conkers. There’s Halloween, bonfire nights and fireworks. The beginning of the season of hot chocolates and cosy nights by the fire. In an attempt to try to bring out the autumnal spirit, I’ve put together a playlist of some of my current favourite songs to listen to on those late October walks.

‘Venice Bitch’ by Lana del Rey

I was thrilled when I found out that Lana del Rey was bringing out a new album this autumn. Even better, ‘Venice Bitch’ is over eight minutes of her lyrical and melodic genius.


Similarly to my discovery of the return of Lana del Rey, I was pleased for the return of The 1975. Their previous album, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It , was released back in 2016, leaving fans waiting for two years for more music. However, the band have not disappointed. As it stands, ‘TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’ is my favourite of the released tracks, but I’m excited to see what else their new record has to offer.

‘Re:stacks’ by Bon Iver

There’s something about the rainier days that draws me to acoustic guitar tracks. ‘Re:stacks’ is an old favourite of mine and is a moody love song, perfect for autumn.

‘Home’ by Michael Bublé

Having recently revealed his retirement from the music industry, I have taken it upon myself to reminisce on some of my favourites of Bublé, which are largely from the beginning of his career. There’s something quite romantic about Bublé’s brassy voice warming up the darker days.

‘Sweater Weather’ by The Neighbourhood

This one is rather predictable, but I always turn to this catchy song in the colder months.

‘Promise ‘by Ben Howard

I enjoy that the opening of this song is the pitter patter of rain. It’s soothing and reflective of those rainy days that become more frequent at this time of year.

‘Fightless Bird, American Mouth’ by Iron & Wine

The vocals in this song are simply beautiful, combined with the strumming guitar which screams autumn to me.

‘Bad Habit’ by The Kooks

This song is lively and brings the beat whilst wandering to campus on those cold grey days.

‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Bill Withers

Withers’ track has always been one of my favourite songs. With vocals like his, he demonstrates how musicians need not make use of elaborate backing tracks to make incredible music.

‘Better’ by Khalid

Khalid’s most recent song, ‘Better’, is one of my favourites. He’s grown immensely as an artist since releasing his first album just a year ago.

‘Walls’ by The Lumineers

Their comeback single, ‘Walls’ offers the folk acoustic vibe The Lumineers are adored for. It’s a cheerful song in the midst of the cold autumn offers.

‘Without Me’ by Halsey

Halsey is yet to have disappointed me with a single. Without Me is suitably bitter but lovestruck, also demonstrating her amazing vocals.

‘Lego House’ by Ed Sheeran

The colder months always draw me back to when I first heard + by Ed Sheeran all those years ago. Whilst his music has only grown since that point, I still adore his old music and the simplicity of songs like ‘Lego House’.

-Cesca Getty



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