5 Low Effort Halloween Costumes

Let me make one thing clear: living on the ground floor on Halloween is one of the worst decisions a wimp like me could make. Clowns (this is in both a literal and figurative sense) have great fun poking their heads around the side of my windows and I have great fun closing them all. Before I do that though, I like to have a look at the amazing variety of costumes people have put together. Hand-sewn outfits and face paint that looks like it took hours – they look absolutely amazing. However, for all of those people who are in it for the sesh and nothing but the sesh, it can be a little hard to dress up when you know that it’s going to peel off like a soggy sponge when the night’s over. Here are five low-effort costume ideas that might come in handy.

Georgie from IT

Wow, we’re starting off dark. There’s nothing all that threatening about a yellow raincoat paired with slightly muddy yellow boots but it’s definitely the thought that counts. Carry a circular red balloon around with you and someone is guaranteed to know who you are. Well, who you’re supposed to be. Do your soul searching in your own time please.  It is completely understandable if you haven’t actually watched the movie – I was still scared days after I had seen the darned thing. There’s just something about IT that completely justifies everyone’s fear of clowns. Forgive me, I would tell you what that something is but there is no way in hell that I’m watching that movie by myself….again.

Girl from that Banksy Painting

I believe it was in an 8.30am seminar when the argument started. Bear in mind that this argument was in the class next to mine and the doors were all shut – yet we could still hear them. That’s how you know that they were getting passionate about their Banksy. Recently in the news for auctioning off art for £1M and then shredding the art as the gavel pounded, it’s safe to assume what spurred this conversation. Why not bank (haha) on this opportunity? All you need is a black dress and a red balloon. You should probably keep a tight grip on it though, otherwise you’ll most definitely loose it. Then you’ll just be wearing a black dress. I guess you could claim you’re channeling a phase you went through in high school?

Kanye from His ‘I Love It’ Music Video

It was released for the PornHub Awards, the beat bumps and the world are obsessed with it. Three statements that may or may not be related to Lil Pump’s new music video. If you haven’t watched it, here’s a quick pic of the blockish monstrosities that the two leads bounce around in. Oooo scary. Now I could recommend that you use old cardboard boxes and craft a man-made suit out of it – but that’s effort. And Kanye didn’t put any effort into that video. Instead, I recommend wearing a really large tracksuit, chain and just sort of bobbing around on your feet a little bit.

Anyone from The Purge

This is a series that definitely has its own agenda, yet their simple, creepy costume design has definitely earned its spot on this list. All you really need is a mask, maybe an American flag to wrap around your shoulders, and you’re done! Although having said that; please do leave the racism, sexism and murder on the show where it belongs – thank you very much.

“YOU” but… in a Picture Frame?

If you’re looking for a ridiculously low effort fit, then boy have you come to the right place. I’m pretty sure you could get a decent frame for less than a quid (especially if you buy those really tiny ones) and just work with that. Say that you’re ‘Instagram’. Your mates will definitely call you out but at least you can tell yourself that you tried.

-Zoë Lambert

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