Treat yours-Elf to these Christmas films!

Christmas is the time for family, food, gifts, giving thanks etc., but would it really be Christmas without Christmas films? I for one know that sinking into the sofa, stuffed full of turkey and Christmas pudding, and putting on a Christmas movie, is one of the best feelings. The grandparents tend to doze off halfway through (does anyone else’s Grandma always fart and blame it on the dog?), the kids are often distracted with their new gifts, but for most, a Christmas film is the perfect way to relax with your food baby and a glass of mulled wine.

I know it’s cliché, but a year doesn’t go by when I don’t watch Love Actually. Each thread has its own endearing tale, evoking laughs, tears, and a whole lot of smiles. But you know all about this film, so let me tell you about one you might not have heard of.

Love the Coopers is currently on Netflix, and I just happened to stumble upon it when looking for the last episode of Gossip Girl (finishing that series has truly left a void in my life). I’d never heard of it before, but if you’re a fan of cute, cheesy chick flicks, this one’s for you. Similar to Love Actually, it follows the lives of different members of the Cooper family, ultimately bringing them all together in a satisfying and conclusive end. I found myself wondering why it was not up there with the Christmas classics, but on reflection, there are multiple casting issues, not in the cast themselves, rather that the ages of the actors simply don’t correspond to the ages the characters are meant to be, which can at times be very confusing when following each individual thread and trying to link them together. Nonetheless, if you want a new, easy Christmas film, give this one a go.

Die Hard may not instantly strike you as a Christmas film, but the internet has it up there in the best Christmas films of all time, so let’s go with it. Arguably a little slow at the start, this film has all the action you need to wake you up from your food coma. Incredibly gripping, this is a great film to watch if you’ve had far too much of Hugh Grant or Rowan Atkinson (though is this really possible?) and fancy a bit of Bruce Willis to get you on the edge of your seat.

I could talk about so many more: Home Alone, The Holiday, Elf, but my final choice for this piece is Nativity. The first two Nativity films are my favourite – they combine adorable childish cheekiness with underlying adult humour, making it appealing to kids and adults alike. This film does not present an idealistic and materialistic impression of Christmas like so many films do, but a very simple, endearing British Christmas. If you feel like a lot of ‘aww’s’ and laughs, snuggle up under a blanket with this one.

Merry film watching!

~ Nicola Finch

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