Rogue Date Ideas: In and around Exeter!

Whether you find yourself bored of the traditional date ideas, or looking for something inventive to wow your partner this Valentine’s Day, this mixture of activities will surely give you some ideas. So put on your walking shoes, or get into your best lounge-wear and be ready for the big day.

  1. Indoor trampolining – Although this will require more effort than a romantic dinner, this date idea is the perfect way to show your fun side. The thrilling nature of trampolining means that both you and your partner have an activity to focus on, while still being able to hold an engaging conversation. Furthermore, if you get really stuck on what to say next, you could always throw yourself into a foam pit. Even if you’re unsure of your own ability, after doing this one myself, I can confirm the best and most hysterical parts are when you both fall over.
  2. Dartmoor – Dartmoor hosts incredible wildlife and scenery that would be the perfect backdrop for any adventurous and outdoorsy couples. Not only does it allow you to get stuck into a deep meaningful chat, but the Tor’s are especially thrilling to climb, with the added bonus of being able to take some Instagram worthy photos at the top.
  3. Netflix & Eat – Adventure may not be your thing, or perhaps you just want to chill with your significant other this Valentines, with no pressure of planning or booking. What I then suggest as an easy but equally as nice evening is getting cosy on the sofa, ordering food from multiple places and popping on a movie or tv series you’ve both been meaning to watch. This alone time together to chill and not have to think about work or uni might be the most dreamy evening for those who are always active. Bonus points for those who even make room for pudding.
  4. Escape rooms – This one is not for the light hearted, but it is a quick way to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. With a pre-made storyline, you and your date are forced to work together to piece together clues to either solve a crime mystery or escape a room. This may seem rather intense if it is a first a date, but with a specific time sensitive task at hand it works perfect for those who want to avoid any awkward silences.
  5. Pub Crawl – Rather than going just for cocktails at Las Iguanas, why not make it a full pub crawl and try some new destinations. On your escapade you could even give each other dares, have a game of pool or you could rate each location out of 10 to remember for next time. This date will be great if you’re not into fancy dinners, yet still want to get out and have an easy laugh.
  6. Crazy Golf – This wacky date idea is one that will surely bring out anyone’s competitive side. For full enjoyment I even recommend placing bets on who will win, you could even suggest the loser has a forfeit. Also, the chances are neither of you will be mini golf professionals, so at least you have a reasonable shot at winning and I can tell you now having bragging rights over your date does not get boring.
  7. Underground Passages – Looking for something totally unique in Exeter? Take your date deep underground with a guided tour through old passages that were used to supply clean drinking water to the city in the 14th and 15th century. Although a less physical sense of adventure, this spooky walk through will be a great place for a cheeky hand hold. 

~ Cameron Townsley 

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