Overlooked at the Oscars

At the 91st Academy Awards, high budgeted films like A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Black Panther took home the majority of the Oscars. Thankfully, Alfonso Cuaron was recognised for his masterpiece Roma, taking home the award for best director, best foreign language, and best cinematography. Spike Lee also received his well overdue Oscar for best adapted screenplay for Blackkklansman. The last time Spike Lee was nominated, the film Driving Miss Daisy won best picture—seems like not much has changed since 1989. Spike summed it up best at the award ceremony last Sunday saying “The ref made a bad call.” Unfortunately, I was hoping for a La La Land moment when Green Book was awarded best picture, hoping that Roma would take home the win.

Although the Oscars was a big upset, the greatest upset would have to be the films overlooked by the academy. Here is a list of films that should have had more love
from the Academy:

  • Widows – This gripping heist film by Steve McQueen should have been nominated for best editing, best actress (Viola Davis), and best supporting actor (Brian Tyree Henry). What I saw in Widows is what I wanted to see in Ocean’s 8. Well done to Steve McQueen for giving us the female heist movie we’ve been waiting for.
  • Eighth Grade – I can not say enough about this movie. With Bo Burnham winning awards for his original screenplay at the Writers Guild of America Awards, and being named as one of the top ten films of the year by the American Film Institute, Eighth Grade should have received best picture, best director, and best original screenplay nominations.
  • Wildlife – Carey Mulligan’s performance in the movie Wildlife might be considered her best performance to date. This movie should have gotten a lot more love, and deserves no less than a best actress (Carey Mulligan) and best adapted  screenplay nomination.
  • ShopliftersNo movie has ever made me cry as much as Shoplifters did. Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, this film tells a heart wrenching story of what makes a family. While Shoplifters was rightly nominated for best foreign film, it should have also been nominated for best picture.
  • Leave No Trace Leave No Trace is director Debra Granik’s most recent film after Winter’s Bone. While that film is now considered as Jennifer Lawrence’s breakout
    role, it seems like Leave No Trace will be the same for actress Thomasin McKenzie. This film should have  received a best supporting actress and best adapted screenplay nomination.
  • Burning – Based on Haruki Muriakami’s short story “Barn Burning,” this psychological drama should have been nominated for more than best foreign film at the academy awards. Actor Steven Yeun gave a brilliant performance which should have landed him a best supporting actor nomination.
  • Sorry To Bother You – While Sorry to Bother You was forgotten by many movie goers due to it’s early summer release, it should not have been overlooked. Directer Boots Riley created a dark comedy that still blows my mind. This movie should have received a best original screenplay nomination at least; especially for that ending!
  • Support The Girls – In all honesty, I came across this film after seeing it was one of Obama’s favorite films of 2018 on an Instagram post, and I’m glad I did. While I loved Regina Hall’s performance in If Beale Street Could Talk, I think she could have also received a nomination for her role in Support the Girls.
  • Hereditary – Another movie that could have been overlooked due to its early summer release is Hereditary. Toni Collette was nothing but spectacular and should have received a nomination for best actress.

– Caroline Campos


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