Off-Campus Study Spaces

Exam season is looming over us already, and with deadlines creeping closer it means that the library is always jam–packed with stressed students trying to cram their minds with vital information. Unless you manage to get to the library at the break of dawn it is nearly impossible to get a seat. However, it is not just the library; pretty much every square inch of campus is full of students, leaving people at a loss to find revision space. For some, it is easier to revise outside of the home environment as there are fewer distractions. Therefore, I have comprised a list of the best off – campus study spaces Exeter has to offer.

  • Glorious Art House

Located in Fore Street, Glorious Art House is an extremely quaint, cute café which sells the absolute best hot chocolate in Exeter. The walls are adorned with quirky paintings so the place has bursts of colour throughout, which can liven up your mood even with the weight of revision on your shoulders. Unfortunately, they don’t have wi-fi, but don’t let this put you off because it means its almost impossible to get distracted by social media and messages flooding in from well-meaning friends and family. Instead, you can just spend the time sipping on a hot chocolate teemed high with whipped cream, writing out notes and reading, away from the strains of the digital world.

  • The Cathedral Café

The beautiful architecture which runs through to the café of Exeter Cathedral makes it a tempting place to revise. The café boasts big rectangular tables which are ideal for spreading out your books. As this isn’t a place which is regularly packed with students, it’s also quiet, making it much easier to concentrate. Best of all, it has a lovely atmosphere and sells delicious cakes to keep your energy levels up while hitting the books.


  • The Welcome Café

The Welcome Café can be found along Exeter Quay, which is definitely a positive as going on walks can help decrease stress levels while exams are creeping up on us. Arguably, the best thing about The Welcome Café is that they allow dogs to come through their doors, which definitely makes revision more enjoyable. They also have an outdoor space with tables and chairs, so when the weather is pleasant there is the option to revise outside and at least be able to enjoy the sunshine to a certain extent rather than being stuck indoors all day.

  • The Old Firehouse

Firehouse is located on New North Road. As this place is a pub, I certainly would not recommend going there past five ‘o’ clock or on weekends as it would be far too loud! However, I came to the realisation that they actually offer some lovely space to study because they have long tables which would be ideal for group study sessions. Firehouse also serve great food, so when you have finished your revision you could reward yourself with one of the many options off their menu and turn it into a social gathering as well!

I have listed just a few of the many great revision locations Exeter has to offer. Of course, as well as the above, there are the more well-known options such as Boston Tea Party and the library in the city centre too, but it’s always good to support independent cafés!

I hope that revision is at least bearable for everybody and I wish you all the best of luck for your exams!

Jessica Holifield

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