RAZZ Pride Icons: The Furies

Fozz, Print Editor and Co-President, has chosen Pride icons that have made waves in the publication industry. To kick off, here are a few Pride icons for you in the lesbian collective: The Furies.

From 1971-3, 12 women known as “The Furies” published two feminist publications called Motive and The Furies, exploring “major questions of women’s identity, women’s relationships with other women, with men, and with society at large” (Meinke). Early members like Charlotte Bunch, Ginny Berson and Rita Mae Brown (author of Rubyfruit Jungle featured in RAZZ’s 2018 Youth issue) named the group after the Greek mythical women spirits with serpentine hair and red eyes, known for their vengeance and anger. As Ginny Berson wrote in the first issue of The Furies: “We call ourselves the Furies because we are angry. We are angry because we are oppressed by male supremacy”.

The DC rowhouse that the collective were based is the first ever lesbian site listed in the American national register of historic places, thanks to LGBTQ+ historian Mark Meinke petitioning the DC government to recognise its significance in setting “the issues and the agenda of lesbian and feminist discussion for many years to come”.


Read More – Honoring home of D.C.’s Furies: https://www.washingtonblade.com/2016/01/20/honoring-home-of-d-c-s-furies/ (Quote Sources)

Furies Collective becomes first lesbian site on National Register: https://www.metroweekly.com/2016/05/furies-collective-becomes-first-lesbian-site-national-register/

The Furies Lesbian/Feminist Monthly (vol.1) : https://repository.duke.edu/dc/wlmpc/wlmms01033 (Image Source)

Charlotte ‘Fozz’ Forrester


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