Seshing in Exe: A Guide to Exeter’s Nights Out

Despite being a small city, Exeter has some decent nights out if you know where to find them. Mostly, it’s a question of how to play your cards right. As someone who should probably qualify for a lifetime discount at Timepiece (TP), this RAZZ writer is going to pass on some pearls of wisdom when it comes to Exeter’s nightlife.

Monday: a Wildcard

Though Monday used to belong to Fever, TP is now opening its doors at the beginning of every week for a fancy dress night. This means that, right now, Monday is anyone’s guess. Maybe TP’s art deco charm could get a monopoly on the entire week. Either way, Monday is a good night to jump in and see where the night takes you. Just don’t go to Unit 1.

“Cheesy Tuesdays”

People often angry react me for saying that Unit 1 is a glorified mosh pit. That said, “Cheesy’s” is definitely its saving grace. With its feel-good vibe, this night is quite popular with easy-going people, as well as those who aren’t too keen on the whole clubbing experience. So, if you want to sing along to ‘Mr Brightside’ until you get a sore throat, “Cheesy’s” is your night.

Wednesday TP

The busiest night in Exeter, “Wednesday TP” is for the sport socials. If you don’t mind playing human dodgems with drunk rugby lads, “Wednesday TP” is a religious experience at the very least and lends itself to people who like a heavy night. Just get there early if you don’t want to wait for ages for entry. If not, you can still have some great conversations with randos in the queue, and collect Snapchat names like Pokémon cards.

Fever or Unit 1 Thursdays?

Thursday is mostly a coin toss between Fever and Unit 1. Fever’s option between a pop and RnB room makes it attractive to a mixed bag of people (though some say the pop room is a discount “Cheesy’s”). Unit 1’s “Quids In” has the economic advantage. Giving out drinks that are tantamount to daylight robbery, “Quids In” is a good choice if you’re looking for a sign from God to get drunk.

Friday Night

Friday is anyone’s guess. At the end of the week, the clubs are still alive, but not so heaving that you’ll come home with whiplash. My personal opinion is that Friday brings out TP’s best side; everyone just wants to let their hair down, and there aren’t any duds in the crowd. You probably won’t see anyone chundering by the side of the road either. As wholesome as nights out get.

Saturday is for the Boys …

But it’s also for the locals, and consequently, it’s your time to recover. However, if you fancy raving with locals at Exeter’s only gay night club, it can’t hurt to go to The Vaults just once. Keep an eye out for the Cavern as well which often has live music on Saturdays – just mentally prepare yourself for Exeter College students beforehand.

Before this article becomes a burn book of every night club in Exeter, just remember that any night can be fun. If you just surround yourself with some good mates your night won’t be total trash, and even if it is, you and your mates can look back on it and laugh.

– Zeb O’Regan

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