Preview: Sea Girls @ The Fleece, Bristol

Sea Girls continue trailblazing with their quickly selling out UK Autumn tour, springboarding off a Polydor Records deal and exceptional festival season. Despite going from fledgling band to indie essential in two years, they boast a impressive repertoire, twisting and turning through sparky riffs, stick-in-your-head melodic lines, power ballad vocals and an electric energy.

On Thursday, the second stop in Sea Girls’ tour takes them to The Fleece in Bristol, a longstanding haven for various illustrious artists. With its industrial chic and high ceilings, the stage is set for a frenetic but personal gig. I’ll also be interviewing the band to get an insight into life as part of the band, their process, and the road ahead.

Watch this space for this exclusive interview and a review of their Bristol gig!

Andrew Thomson

Photo Credit: Harris Thomlinson-Spence

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