Nabii by Clare Engenoi

We are the prophets
Poets of this world
It’s not something that’s learnt
It’s a gift that is earned
By the broken and broke
Tell a joke, buy some smokes
Maybe even a whisky and coke
We are the storytellers of our history,
Soothsayers of Mystery,
We face the future with uncertainty
Live a present far from glittery
We capture the moments,
Snippets of life
No matter how much we doubt the truth
Behind the porcelain faces
We are the victims
That slip through the system
Beat down, Trodden, Still rising
We face our vulnerabilities
Accept our insecurities
Redefine our trials into survival
Become our own worst rivals
Trying to mend in gold
Through no fault of our own
I didn’t choose who to be born
But I chose to Live in the moments
Moments of happiness.
Moments that fail to last a lifetime.
Poets of today
We are the Nabii.

Clare Engenoi


‘Nabii’ was originally published in RAZZ’s 2018 issue ‘Youth’

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