Toasted by Sofia Miah

You whispered to me once
That the sunlight looked so good on my skin,
Toasted with a tint of caramel,
Your favorite sight to wake up to
In the morning.

In an attempt to express my appreciation
For that comment,
I lovingly made you eggy French toast
Toasted with a tint of caramel,
You called it your second favorite
Sight to wake up to in the morning.

I thought about what time of day
Looked best on you,
And concluded it was the golden hour.
The hazy, soft pinkness that
Precedes the sunset,
That clothes the muscles on
Your back in a warm glow
Giving me an exact outline
To trace with my lips.

I tried to take a picture of
That time of day,
To capture the vibrancy and
The quietness with which it appears
And show you what I mean.
But its gentle presence,
Like yours,
Was short-lived.
The darkness of the night
Seeped out too soon.

I am learning to live with this,
And I hope that one day
When I wake up
And gaze in the mirror,
I’ll see myself
Toasted with a tint of caramel,
And be able to call it,
My favorite sight in the morning,
Instead of just yours.

-Sofia Miah


‘Toasted’ was originally published in RAZZ’s 2018 issue ‘Youth’

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