Singles’ Round-Up

‘Water’ By Kanye West (feat. Ant Clemons)

Kanye’s latest album, Jesus is King, has interesting ideas about how to blend hip-hop and gospel but is let down by inconsistent execution and poor lyricism, and is a disappointing return after two years of leaks and teasings. A track that is emblematic of this is ‘Water’, where Kanye raps on themes regarding rebirth and the healing power of faith, and its ability to purify. These are especially relevant given Kanye’s attempt to rebrand and move away from topics like sex and drugs. The production is simple but effective and provides a smooth, solid base for Ant Clemons’ excellent feature. Clemons sings well and is the highlight of the song, but he is let down by lazy lyricism from Kanye. Rather than speaking on his evolution as an artist, he decides to repeat variations of Jesus save us, which marks a concerning decline for the once revolutionary, boundary-pushing artist.

William Scott

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‘It Might Be Time’ by Tame Impala

‘It Might Be Time’, Tame Impala’s aptly named, newest single, dropped on 28 October 2019. From the first line, it immediately grabs your thoughts and vocalizes them.

Tame Impala’s music sounds like you’re in space; the psychedelic dreamscape it creates is unique. The song gets more layered as it goes on, gaining some crashing drums, a plaintive baseline, and intricate drumline.

In fact, Tame Impala’s style is so idiosyncratic at first listen that ‘IMBT’ could almost fit in Currents. However, the song does not have the languor of the previous album; ‘IMBT’ is tinged with paranoia, something which Parker has made intentional – “[this] quirky new song (is) about your own inner paranoid thoughts telling you you’ve lost your mojo”– and conveyed both lyrically, with lines such as, “It might be time to face it / You’re not as young as you used to be”, but musically as well: the crashing drums and baseline give the song a certain feeling of hurriedness, and the brief pause after he sings, “It might be time to face it” emphasizes its anxious and self-conscious vibe. It fits the new album perfectly so far – Parker has announced via Instagram it will be titled The Slow Rush, and will drop next Valentine’s day. So far, the song has in fact been a slow yet hurried rush of melody, and cuts off almost too soon – it will flow perfectly into the next song on the album. As of now, the album art chosen for ‘IMBT’ gives the song a blue and cold tinge – the cobalt blue crackled walls are slightly ominous, and the mountain of sand that has poured in recalls an hourglass, trickling for a long, long time.

Luckily, it’s only four months before the album drops.

Juliette Simon

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