Pop Culture Fix: Podcast Recommendations

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Off Menu is definitely my favourite podcast. Sounds strange to make comedy out of food but every episode is hilarious. James and Ed invite guests to their magical restaurant where they can order their dream meal, but if you’re not that passionate about cooking then don’t be put off! Food content acts more as a conversation prompt and the chat always ends up somewhere rogue. Ed and James are amazing hosts and I could happily listen to just those two, but they have had some amazing guests, Nish Kumar being my favourite.

Favourite episode: Nish Kumar (Christmas Special)

I come back to this episode often and I still laugh a lot every time. The three of them are good friends so it feels like you’re part of a close friend conversation full of little in-jokes. Listen out for how Nish cuts bread.

Sex Power Money with Sara Pascoe

If you’re interested in the debate around the ethics of sex work, then this one is definitely one to listen to. It invites the people who are so often talked about within the debate to speak for themselves, which means you can be genuinely informed about sex work. Covering the history of sex work stigma, racism in porn and laws on sex work, this podcast is incredibly informative and eye-opening. Engaging and entertaining conversation means it’s easy to learn from.

Favourite Episode: Charlotte Rose & Eliza Harper

If you attended the DebSoc debate about porn then Charlotte Rose will be familiar to you, but both are sex workers and activists! My main take-away from this episode was that many sex workers are in the industry because they want to be. They discuss the process behind such a decision and address misconceptions surrounding their work.

(It’s also a very funny experience to listen to people talking about sex through your headphones when you’re on a packed train)

Hip-Hop Saved My Life with Romesh Ranganathan

If you’re a fan of Desert Island Discs, then you’ll enjoy this one. Another comedy podcast, Romesh chats to guests about their love of hip-hop and the albums and artists that are important to them. Again, if you’re not a big hip-hop fan then don’t worry, conversation goes broader than just music, it is still a good listen and very funny! If you are a hip-hop fan, then this is a great way to discover new music.

Favourite Episodes: Loyle Carner and Louis Theroux

I couldn’t pick just one – both of these episodes are really interesting and entertaining. Loyle Carner explores how important music has been in his life and how his career took shape. I discovered loads of new music from this episode so cannot recommend it enough! Louis Theroux also reflects on his career and delivers his humour in a deadpan tone as always. Just another delicious slice of wholesome Theroux content.


Honourable Mentions
  • Midnight Chats – indie/alt musicians chat about their music
  • Doing It -sex positivity!
  • David Tennant Does a Podcast – wholesome chats
  • The Gemma Collins Podcast – shit-talking
  • What’s Underneath – diversity in style, self-image and identity


Imogen Phillips


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