It’s the Thought that Counts: Low-Cost Secret Santa Inspiration

‘Tis the season to be poor, fellow students! Inevitably, Christmas is a very expensive time of year. There are so many people to buy for and, as a student, it’s difficult to get your nearest and dearest the wonderful presents you feel they deserve. Then there’s the Secret Santas. When it comes to Secret Santas, there are many ways you can find affordable gifts. Often, they are more about the banter than offering a long-lasting, tear-jerking gift. Here are some ideas if you are looking for some last minute inspiration!

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1. The Creative Option

Tiger is a wonderful shop, full of random, creative objects. If you have no idea where to start, I recommend visiting the shop. Whether you find a notebook of the periodic table, a glass that fits a whole bottle of wine or a mug with a pocket for biscuits, there is something in store for everyone. A particularly great thing about Tiger is that everything is extremely affordable, so you are bound to find a gift for £5 or less if that’s your budget.

2. The Sweet Option

If you are stuck for ideas and have a low budget for your Secret Santa, why not consider the sweeter side of things? Although it might be considered a cop-out by some, I doubt anyone is going to be massively disappointed to receive a giant chocolate Santa. If you are looking for cheap chocolate and sweets in festive shapes, I recommend a trip to Poundland.

3. The Funny Option

As I mentioned before, often people like their Secret Santa gifts to relate to inside jokes. For example, are you buying for someone that lives off of baked beans? Why not buy them as many cans as a fiver can offer? Amazon can be a great place to start for this option.

4. The Caffeine Option

For the caffeine lovers in your life, why not purchase a voucher to their favourite coffee shop? They are bound to use this gift, most likely before the end of the week, in addition to having the luxury of adding all the trimmings to their coffee without feeling guilty about the cost.

5. The DIY Option

If you have any creative talent, this could be the option for you. Some of the best gifts I have received have been those my best friends have made. This has the beauty of costing very little, and sometimes nothing at all. If you are less artistically inclined like myself, perhaps you could have a photo printed and buy a nice frame. There are also snow globes available at this time of year that you can personalise with photos – try Boots for these gifts.

6. The Experience Option

You could choose to spend the budget on treating someone to spending some time with you. Why not make them a homemade afternoon tea, or take them out for coffee and cake?

7. The Alcohol Option

If the person you are buying for is seen more often at the pub than at lectures, this might be the option for you! Whether you choose to spoil them to a couple of pints at the pub or buy a miniature bottle of pink gin, they are likely to be very pleased.

I hope I’ve helped to give you some ideas for the notorious Secret Santa gift buying! Remember, it’s always the thought that counts. Have a wonderful Christmas!

– Cesca Getty

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