Iconic Pop Culture of the 2010s

For many of us, the 2010s were one of the biggest transitional periods of our lives – like the 70s and 80s were to our parents, the 2010s will be our glory years. But what will we remember? Will it be the Kardashians, Trump, the Royals, bush fires, Netflix? Here are just a few things that characterised our decade…

The Good

Renewable energy – finally starting to make ground – e.g. Electric cars! (10 points for technology!)

Social Media used for good! – The rise in social media has helped launch huge viral campaigns such as the #MeToo movement and the ALS Ice bucket challenge…

The Royals – We’ve seen two major royal weddings this decade, the Queen’s diamond jubilee and many new heirs born into the world – and even if you’re not into all that… extra bank holidays?!

Naked Clothing Trend – You know what, I liked the boom in fishnets and mesh this decade. Celebrate those damn bodies people!

Game of ThronesGoT spanned the decade and, whether you liked that final episode or not, you can’t deny it was a huge part of the 2010s.

Netflix – So Netflix was founded in 1997, BUT I think we can all agree that this decade was when it really reached its peak. Netflix and Chill anybody?…

Thick Eyebrows – The natural brow is back baby, no more drawing them on as slugs like you probably did in year 9!

Ellen’s Iconic Oscars Selfie

Superhero Films – We’ve witnessed an overload of Marvel films this decade and I’m not complaining!

David Attenborough (!!!) – I know he wasn’t born in the 2010s but COME ON… A National Treasure.

Legalising Same-Sex Marriage – The 2010s were a huge decade for the progression in LGBTQ+ rights and representation, and the UK made a huge step when they legalised same-sex marriage in 2014!

2012 Olympics – The Queen Skydiving? An iconic moment for the UK.

Hollister Body Sprays – ahh the smell of 3rd period P.E.


The Bad

The Climate Crisis – Just turn on the news.

Abuse in the Music Industry – Power abuse has dominated our music industry this decade.  As we move into the 2020s, hopefully we can move toward making the industry a safer and more supportive community.

Trump’s America

Sweats – now I’m all for being comfy, but sweats and heels? I think smart casual just changed gear…

2016 – The year of Trump, Brexit and the year we lost SO MANY NATIONAL TREASURES… I mean, David Bowie? Alan Rickman?? Prince??? What did we do to deserve such a sham of a year…?

Love Island – I can’t say I’ve not watched it, but even I know that it’s bad…

The 2014 Band Aid remake – Nothing’s ever going to top the original.


The Ugly

First things first, I think we can all agree there are some fashion moments worth a mention:

  • Crocs with socks – I feel like this was one of those things that started ironically and then just became… a thing? Like saying the word “lol” out-loud.
  • Flower crowns – If you’re not pretending you’re at Coachella then it’s just sad.
  • Paul’s Boutique everything – Having a Paul’s boutique school bag was the equivalent of bringing your P.E. kit in a Jack Wills bag. It was a hierarchy.
  • Cold-Shoulder Tops
  • Creepers – I am all for the chunky trainer phenomenon, but their ugly cousin, the creeper, should have been left in 2012…
  • Chinos sorry to all the Exetah boys…

Darude Sandstorm – The only thing I actually know about this song was that it was a huge meme, and nobody really knew why…

TikTok – the sub-par replacement of Vine.

Miley Cyrus at the VMAs –  you know what I’m talking about, the day Hannah Montana really took off her wig and our childhoods were declared firmly over.

Brexit Let’s face it, since the referendum was announced in the middle of the decade (yes, it really was that long ago), this whole Brexit thing has been a bit of a mess…

Side Fringes It’s not just a phase, mum!


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Kardashian Clan – As KUWTK enters its 17th season, it’s time we address our obsession with this family. The 2010s saw Kim get married for 72 days, Bruce Jenner transition, Kendall in that Pepsi advert, need I go on?

Instagram – I was shocked to discover that Instagram only launched in 2010 – 2010!! Which means that the Instagram Influencer is a completely new thing to our generation… I’ll let you decide on that one…

Man Buns– This one’s pretty taste dependent

Memes – We have become a generation of memers. They’re everywhere, now an artform, propaganda, entertainment! Remember Harambe? Pepe the frog? Now a white supremacist symbol. Google it.

-Molly Rymer

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