Sex and Relationships Playlists

These three RAZZ writers have compiled the ultimate sex and relationships playlists with different themes to suit the mood! From R&B to smooth jazz, all playlists include ten songs that are available on Spotify.

Intimate But With Attitude – Sexy R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop

1. ‘Call Out My Name’ – The Weeknd

The dark, sensual sound of ‘Call Out My Name’ makes it a great opening track for any sex playlist. It’s chilled out and stripped back – perfect for getting you into the mood.

2. ‘Lavender and Velvet’ – Alina Baraz

‘Lavender and Velvet’ is delicately mysterious with a sexy, upbeat chorus. The lyrics are repetitive, creating a mesmerizing feeling that is bound to make you feel good.


As far as sexy songs go, ‘PILLOWTALK’ is a classic. The provocative beat and the texture of the sound created by the backing vocals make ZAYN’s debut solo single work well in the bedroom.

4. ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars repeatedly sings, “Yeah, your sex takes me to paradise”. Need I say more?

5. ‘Love On The Brain’ – Rihanna

After the energy of ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’, it’s time to cool down slightly with a slower, more seductive vibe. The combination of Rihanna’s vocals which are, as usual, packed with attitude, and the slow strings are a flawless combination in ‘Love On The Brain’. It’s definitely essential if you’re after some sexy R&B.

6. ‘Heaven’ – Julia Michaels

Since it appears in the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack, I think Julia Michaels’ ‘Heaven’ deserves a spot on the playlist. It’s a nice continuation from Rihanna, with the lead and backing vocals both oozing sexy vibes.

7. ‘Dangerous Woman’ – Ariana Grande

If you want pure attitude in your sex playlist, look no further. We can always rely on Ariana for empowering bangers, and this one is definitely a highlight of her discography.

8. ‘Sunflower’ – Post Malone, Swae Lee

Although ‘Sunflower’ may seem like a more unlikely choice, the beat has the perfect energy for the bedroom, and meshes well with the other songs in the playlist. Plus, it’s good to mix it up a bit.

9. ‘One Dance’ – Drake, WizKid, Kyla

I would normally be sceptical about putting Drake in a sex playlist but, like ‘Sunflower’, ‘One Dance’ fits well. The splash of hip-hop at the end of the playlist is also refreshing after the R&B and pop.

10. ‘The Hills’ – The Weeknd

We started with The Weeknd, so that’s how we’ll finish. ‘The Hills’ is, like ‘Call Out My Name’, dark and full of passion in the chorus and the pace is perfectly varied.

Bridie Adams


 We’ve drunk a couple bottles – Sexy Soft Rock

A sexy playlist fit for fans of the soundtrack from The End Of The F***ing World.

Bit of jazz, bit of blues, bit of soft rock. Very pretentious but then who isn’t after a bottle o’ red?

1. ‘(You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am’ – Nancy Wilson

A lil upbeat one to start, I think. A love song with strings and drums bringing a beautiful ‘60s blues feel, this one is good for a romantic boogie.

2. ‘Laughing on the Outside’ – Bernadette Carroll

Not really a love song, in fact, it’s actually a bit sad. It’s a breakup song. BUT if you focus on how it sounds and ignore the meaning behind the lyrics, it’s a lovely song. It has nice whistling in it. The same jazz-y blues feel as the first track, it’s good for a little dance.

3. ‘At the River’ – Groove Armada

If you’ve seen About Time then you’ll recognise this. It’s slightly long: the first three minutes are instrumental with a wonderful trumpet solo leading into a reimagining of Patti Page’s ‘Old Cape Cod’. The synths make it distinctly ‘90s, very groovy and very beautiful.

4. ‘I’m Sorry’ – Brenda Lee

Back on the ‘60s vibe! This one is also a bit sad, but has wonderful strings and vocals by Brenda Lee. Perhaps fitting to place this one ten minutes in, there’s usually an apology ten minutes in anyway. It’s ok, lads. It happens.

5. ‘Am I A Good Man’ – Yak

Yak leads us into our soft rock vibe. Very ethereal vocals, brilliant bass line. Certifiably sexy.

6. ‘Strange Time’ – Matt Maltese

These next three are a little existential, but oh so smooth. I introduce the king of soft rock, Matt Maltese. This song was definitely written for a sex playlist. As, I think, most of Matt Maltese’s songs are. He’s known to write love songs for the end of the world.

7. ‘The End Of The World’ – Julie London

Julie London gives us our final bit of blues. I adore the backing vocals on this, it might be the sweetest-sounding track in this playlist. The strings are super duper pretty, too.

8. ‘As The World Caves In’ – Matt Maltese

I could never choose just one Matt Maltese song. Definitely a love song for the end of the world, this song is huge. It has such an all-consuming sound but is still so smooth. I don’t know how he does it, but I love it.

9. ‘Just You’ – The Saxophones

The next two tracks wind down this playlist with a super soft and lovely sound. This track from The Saxophones, as you would expect, features an incredible saxophone solo. It also features hauntingly beautiful vocals from the duo, who are actually husband and wife, which makes the lyrics feel extra romantic.

10. ‘Baby Where You Are’ – Ted Lucas

This one is really lovely. More stripped back in comparison to the other tracks, Ted Lucas gifts us a gentle love song with lovely harmonies accompanied by an acoustic guitar. The lyrics are especially beautiful.

Midge Phillips


Definitely Got You Feeling Good! – R&B, Chill, Smooth, Sexy 

Got someone special round? Planning on changing up the atmosphere a little? Stick these ones on and you’ll be in the mood!

1. ‘Sex With Me’ – Rihanna

I mean, it’s literally in the name. No one will be able to resist you. Also, if this song wasn’t already perfect, Rihanna is very entertaining and unabashed when talking about sex.

2. ‘Skin’ – Mac Miller

Apart from the fact that Mac has such a sexy, unique (amazing, perfect) voice, this track is made sexier with the backing vocals of the two woman on the track, Njomza and Ella Paige. 

3. ‘Hurry’ – Teyana Taylor, Kanye West

Who wouldn’t come running if you sent them this song? (Warning: this song is so sexy that Teyana herself is loudly enjoying it halfway through…)

4. ‘Lay Me Down’ – Steve Lacy

The simple, slow drums and explicit nature of the lyrics alongside Steve’s sultry voice make this song quite possibly the sexiest one on this playlist. 

5. ‘Love Galore (feat. Travis Scott)’ – SZA, Travis Scott

SZA’s vocals are outstanding from the off, and the playfulness of the lyrics and the beats create a rhythm that keeps you wanting it never to end. Travis’s verse is also just as smooth. 

 6. ‘imagine’ – Ariana Grande

I wanted to include this song because I love Mac Miller, and this song is about his relationship with Ariana. Although that may make you (me) want to cry, her vocals are absolutely phenomenal and this is a romantic song about their relationship, rather than anything to get upset by. 

 7. ‘Skin’ – Rihanna

Another Rihanna I know … She’s the perfect artist to get you and your partner feeling confident and turned on. 

8. ‘All Night’ – Beyoncé

A longer song, where Beyoncé changes the pace of her vocals through the verses, starting slow then speeding up, culminating in an angelic chorus accompanied by the brass line from OutKast’s ‘SpottieOttieDopaliscious’ (also an incredible song and André 3000’s verse is fantastic). On repeat, please. 

9. ‘Girl’ – The Internet, KAYTRANADA

This electronic song is accompanied beautifully by the softer vocals of Syd, whose lyrics are both sensual and vulnerable. Thank you KAYTRANADA for the production. 

10. ‘Skin’ – Dijon

 To end this playlist I’ve chosen Dijon’s raw, emotional R&B track, the third ‘Skin’ of the playlist which is romantic, verging on the emotional. 

A couple of podcasts you might be interested in:

“Is it in yet?” by the Disappointed Girls of the Tab, as well as occasionally featuring their resident male friend Josh:

I used to always read their articles, and was incredibly excited when they came out with a podcast. I recommend every single one of their episodes from Season 1. They have such amazing chemistry and come out with these incredible stories from their personal lives, listeners and friends with quite a few of them being absolutely outrageous. How do people get themselves into these situations?! I love how they talk so openly and honestly about sex, as uni students and recent graduates, from one night stands to relationships to dating. 

“Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum” Lizzy Hadfield and Lindsay Holland, episode 7 ‘Sex (part 1)’ and episode 8 ‘Sex (part 2)’:

I would recommend the whole podcast, but as it is SHAG week the highlight has to be the two parter of the ‘Sex’ episodes. These two women are so open, which as you can probably tell, is what I find most appealing about any conversations or songs about sex. From the disgusting aspects of sex to the wonderful and fun parts, taking control of your sexuality comes so naturally to these two and one can’t help to be inspired by their confidence and their attitudes. 

Milan George


Featured Image Source: Photo by Hoang Loc from Pexels

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