My Quarantine Playlist

You’re finally listening to the podcasts you swore you’d start months ago, you have no idea what the date is and going for a walk has swiftly turned into the highlight of your day. What’s going on? Here are some of the songs I’ve been listening to in a desperate attempt to cope while I ignore my essays – enjoy! Take a listen to the playlist here.

‘Break My Heart’/ ‘Levitating’ / ‘Love Again’ – Dua Lipa

It’s a bold statement but Dua Lipa may be the saviour we need in this new, self-isolating world. Her second album, Future Nostalgia, dropped last Friday and it’s filled with fun, disco-pop. It’s what everyone needs right now and if you say it isn’t, you’re lying.

‘The Wave’ – Commonminds & Myles Cameron

‘Find an Island’ – Benee

For when you’ve had enough of your siblings, parents or cat who’s had too much attention over the past few weeks and now attacks you any time you go near him (based on true events).

‘It Gets Better’ – Rex Orange County

‘Blueberry Faygo’ – Lil Mosey

Yes, I have been scrolling through TikTok a lot recently – why do you ask?

‘On My Way’ – Kid Travis

‘OK’ – Wallows

Headed by Dylan Minette (aka Clay from Thirteen Reasons Why), Wallows are the summer-drenched-indie-band we need to be listening to right now. Just imagine that you’re driving in your car with the windows down on your way to buy MANY non-essential items. Heaven.

‘Young & Alive’ – Bazzi

‘It’s Not Right but It’s Okay’ – Whitney Houston

I recommend listening to this once, if not twice, a day for the foreseeable future. Whitney will get us through this.

-Miranda Parkinson

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