Living for Killing Eve: Ep. 2 – Management Sucks

The second instalment of the third season sees many fan-favourites reunite in a tense and gripping episode. Written by Anna Jordan, it opens on a grim scene, in which Eve, Carolyn and Konstantin all attend Kenny’s funeral. Carolyn’s daughter (Gemma Wheelan) also appears, inisisting that her mother take time to process her loss, much to Carolyn’s chagrin. Eve takes a dislike to one of Kenny’s ex-colleagues, and, while drunk, shouts at Carolyn before leaving early. Oh’s portrayal of Eve’s downward spiral and the loss of control she has over her life, having now lost her closest remaining friend, is heartbreaking, complimented by Fiona Shaw’s flawless performance as the grieving Carolyn. She is far less stoic than usual, but maintains some of her eccentricities.


Still via Killing Eve / BBC iPlayer

Meanwhile, in Barcelona, Villanelle is living a lavish and luxurious life, having moved into a new apartment, this time even more decadent than before. She’s determined to move up in the ranks of the Twelve and become a Keeper, which her new mentor Dasha tells her will involve helping to train new recruits. In a bizarre and comic scene, she and a nineteen-year-old named Felix (Stefan Iancu) are sent to the Côté d’Azure dressed as clowns to infiltrate a children’s birthday party. The lurid colours and ridiculous situation are enhanced by the superb performances from Iancu and Comer. Both Felix and Villanelle are utterly unconvincing as children’s entertainers, particularly Villanelle, who refuses to give a child a balloon (“life is shit, get used to it”). Obviously, this being Villanelle, the partnership doesn’t last long; she shoots Felix dead when he disobeys her orders, and becomes increasingly frustrated with the idea of managing other people. That Villanelle, a trained assassin, loses her temper so quickly with mundane things such as bureaucracy and new recruits not following directions seems ludicrous, and is part of the genius of Killing Eve.


Still via Killing Eve / BBC iPlayer

Given the cat-and-mouse history of Killing Eve, the two main characters weren’t going to spend too long without having anything to do with one another. Both Eve and Villanelle showed signs of thinking of each other in episode one but now they come back into each other’s lives at full speed. Carolyn, in an attempt to re-recruit Eve to investigate Kenny’s death, tells Eve that Villanelle has killed again; meanwhile, Konstantin makes a surprise appearance at Villanelle’s new flat to let her know that Eve wasn’t killed by the bullet to her back at the end of series 2, as Villanelle believed. Comer’s performance in this scene is worthy of a second Emmy, moving through a huge spectrum of emotions in a matter of minutes. The reappearance of Kim Bodnia’s Konstantin in Villanelle’s life is also welcome; Bodnia and Comer have incredible chemistry, and their dynamic is both entertaining and touching. As the stakes increase for the two leading ladies, episode two is even more difficult to turn off than episode one, and just as deliciously dark.


Still via Killing Eve / BBC iPlayer

– Izzy Noble 


Featured Image Source: Still via Killing Eve / BBC iPlayer

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