My Quarantine Playlist: Morning Bops

Use this link to access the playlist: 

What are mornings? What is time? Should I bother getting out of bed, or have I fused with my duvet? If, like me, you’re finding mornings a little pointless and frankly insulting, here are some chilled out motivational tracks. Not so upbeat that you’ll feel ready to run that 5k your mate just tagged you in, but gently rousing. Songs to make toast to.    

1. ‘Take Your Guess’ – Tom Rosenthal 

Tom Rosenthal has a talent for writing songs that are simultaneously existential and rousing. This, one of his best offerings, is sure to get you up and bopping, with its comforting message of embracing the chaos.  

2. ‘The Melody of a Fallen Tree’ – Windsor For The Derby  

This dreamy song from the Marie Antoinette soundtrack melts into a long, gently upbeat instrumental section, perfect for getting ready for the day ahead. 

3. ‘May I Have This Dance’ – Francis and the Lights 

A mainstay of multiple chillout playlists, this track manages to balance a chill vibe with a beat that makes you want to get up and move 

4. ‘Gonna Lay Here (A While)’ – Jesse Walton 

Despite its name, this cheerful tune will have you up and ready for a day of getting stuff (however low energy that stuff is) done. 

 5. ‘Money’ – The Drums 

This cool, upbeat track is also vastly relatable – ‘I don’t have any money’. Same. 

 6. ‘Pulaski at Night’ – Andrew Bird 

What better way to start your day than with some gently motivational strings? 

 7. ‘Piazza, New York Catcher’ – Belle & Sebastian 

Indie duo Belle & Sebastian are known for their quaint folk vibe, and this track has a quiet, homely feel to it. 

8. ‘Colours’ – Josie Man 

A bright, chilled tune from a breakthrough artist that’ll have you brushing your teeth with a little more rhythm. 

 9. ‘Birds Dont Sing’ – TV Girl  

The birds do sing. Every morning, at 4AM, when I’m still up playing Sims 4. BUT this bop will have you singing too, at a more respectable time of the morning. 

10. ‘We Talk all the Time’ – The Japanese House 

Rounding off the playlist is a moody dreampop banger, with a chill beat to shake off the morning blues.  


Caitlin Barr

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