My Favourite Album Covers: From Pre-teen Pop to Peach Pit

For me, the best album covers will always be the ones that perfectly encapsulate the music they contain, showing you how the album is going to make you feel or what it’s trying to say before you’ve heard the opening notes. In fact, the best albums, in my opinion, are the ones that have a unifying emotion or sentiment that you feel in every single one of its songs. After trawling through my saved Spotify albums, though, I quickly realised that not all these great albums have the best covers, nor do the best covers belong to the best albums.

Out of the albums I grew up listening to, the most iconic album cover for me (aside from Pop Princesses) is Mika’s Life In Cartoon Motion. It’s busy and chaotic and it stands out against perhaps more sophisticated covers, but it reflects the fun, joyful nature of Mika’s early music. To quote fourteen-year-old me, “you simply can’t be sad while listening to Mika”. Honourable mentions, however, include Bruno Mars’ more simplistic Doo-wops and Hooligans and Maroon 5’s Songs about Jane, which are both unique in how they differ so much from later music in image and, arguably, in sound.

In terms of my more recent music taste, I love a cover with a bold colour scheme. From the bright yet gruesome cover of FOXE’s Frankie to Will Joseph Cook’s minimalistic Sweet Dreamer, it’s certainly eye-catching. My favourites of these styles, though, have to be Calica’s Yes, It’s About You, which, aside from having an amazing title in a funky, vintage-style font, beautifully captures her introspection in showing her face only as a reflection in a mirror and Tessa Violet’s Bad Ideas. In fact, part of what makes Tessa Violet’s album cover so impactful is that it’s not just her album that has this boldness, it’s her entire image. Since taking a break from music, she’s come back with a new sound and an inspiring confidence which extends beyond just her iconic yellow hair.

My favourite cover, however, (and the most recent) must be Peach Pit’s You and Your Friends. Peach Pit as a band have an intoxicating quirkiness and humour which extends through their music and their live shows; their songs are as moving as they are ridiculous and, from the pink fluffy slippers to the wonky writing, the cover reflects that. It’s a work of art, as is their music.

– Katya Green

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Featured Image Source: Pexels

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