Reading Corner: Magazines

Having spent the beginning of lockdown blasting my way through novel after novel to occupy my sudden abundance of free time, I’d recently found my attention span gradually waning as the endless hours of isolation wore on. With lockdown boredom making me increasingly fidgety, the focus required to sit down and immerse myself in the depths of a book became harder to grasp.

Lacking the energy to commit myself to any more extensive tales of complicated love stories or tangled murder mysteries, I decided that I was in need of a quick fix to satisfy me instead. This was when magazines swooped in to rescue me from my weariness like a knight in silk-coated paper.

Proving not only to be kinder to my already damaged student bank account than books, magazines equally offered me an easy yet enlightening read that perfectly suited my weakened attention span.

While many magazines are recognized for their artistic emphasis, I witnessed the likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair simultaneously confronting prevalent social and cultural issues currently being faced around the world. This can be seen through British Vogue’s recognition of the pandemic’s front-line workers on its July cover, while also supporting the powerful activism of the Black Lives Matter campaign in its recent issue. In parallel, we additionally see Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue entitled ‘FOR WOMEN WHO CHANGE THE WORLD’ highlighting the excellence of female leadership in modern crises.

I too learnt of the demand for ethical change within the fashion and beauty industries. Whether that’s encouraging the upcycling of clothes to lessen the use of raw materials or reducing the percentage of plastic in our packaging, these magazines seek to educate their readers on the modifications being made to save our planet.

Not only have magazines satisfied my urgent need for quick entertainment. I’ve also found myself feeling empowered and more educated on the pressing matters of today, most vitally in a time where change has never been more crucial.

Eugenie Cockle

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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