Academic Resolutions

Quarantine, for me, was not necessarily the productive period I anticipated when it was first announced. Setting ambitious goals in which I had ‘no excuse’ not to complete for the entirety of summer, I had such high hopes that I’d pull one of those ‘summer glow ups’ and actually get my life together. Yet rolling around to August, the majority of which still remain uncomplete or even started. In moving over some of these goals into the next academic year, I hope to get the most out of my time, especially in a social climate in which our short time as students is thrown into uncertainty.

  • The Wide World of Adulting

Entering into second year after the blur that was the first, I had the daunting realisation that this degree is moving faster than I’d thought. With everything now counting towards my final grade, I feel like I now need to apply myself to more extracurricular activities that would appeal to future employers. Whether that’s looking into work experience, starting a regular blog or portfolio, or entering the world of networking, I think now is a good time to start making progress.

  • Whipping out the Thinking Cap

Doing a degree in English and film, it’s a good idea to be making consistent effort into consuming new books and films. Not only do I intend on trying to watch one new film a day, but in the general media I consume, I hope to expand upon it more critically, thinking about it in wider contexts and grow myself more accustomed to not only analysing but questioning what I read and watch.

  • Eat More Greens!

The stereotypical resolution on every students list; it’s so easy to opt for simpler, less time-consuming meals. It was a habit I settled well into in my first year as well as the convenience of uber eats (which I had a little too regularly). I’m not planning on becoming Jamie Oliver overnight but trying to convert from frozen veg to fresh and making a proper weekly meal plan that isn’t just pasta with 5 types of sauces.

  • Working Hard

Meals out, clothes, rent; all cost money and student grants don’t cover all of it. The dream would be a friendly little coffee shop, chatting to the regulars and memorising their ‘usuals’ but as we all know, students can’t be picky. Anything that can fill a couple of hours a week and give me a little extra in the pocket would do me nicely (and maybe a discount would be nice!)

-Mia Roe

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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