My Culture Comforts: Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

In 2018, Dolly Alderton became a household name after the release of her sensationally popular memoir Everything I Know About Love.

Her recount of the youthful MSN days, her tales of wild university nights, and her navigation of dating in her confusing twenties filled millennials and Gen Z’s with laughs, awe and a sense of comfort. Two years on since reading this book I still find myself opening it up to laugh at her witty satire about Hen Dos if I’m feeling low, or to remind myself of her hangover Mac n Cheese recipe when I’ve inevitably overindulged on red wine at a dinner party. Dolly makes every girl growing up in the weird social media age feel seen, understood and heard. She delicately balances troubling themes, such as eating disorders and coping with death with such light-hearted stories and uplifting messages. And it is precisely for that reason that my friends and I refer to it as our ‘Bible’ of sorts, as there are so few situations that we encounter in our lives for which Dolly doesn’t have a good quip or a well-rounded solution.

Imogen Williams

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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