Lockdown Wanders: Walking Spots Around Exeter

Going for walks everyday can soon become monotonous. However, lockdown has left us with little to do and walks have become a great way to stay active and get some fresh air. I know that most of us would rather be living our best student lives, going to the pub and meeting friends. However, this is a great opportunity to explore Exeter and the surrounding areas a little more. There are some hidden gems right on your doorstop and here are some of my personal favourites:

The Stoke Hill Farm Stag

Just behind the university campus, you can find a willow stag. This is a great place to walk to get incredible views over the hills. The stag is around 30 minutes from the university, so it is not too long of a walk either. Also, there are some great photo opportunities to be had. Just head up to Pennsylvania and head right along the Two Counties Way footpath and you will soon find it. You can access the route here.

Image Source: The Stoke Hill Stag // Amie Greenhalgh

Ludwell Valley Park

Though this one may be a little further from campus, as it is about a 50-minute walk away, but it is definitely worth the time. This is a great spot for exploring with both playing fields and working trails. You could also turn it into a little picnic by picking up some snacks from the nearby Lidl! You can access the route here.

Huxham Wood

We’re going even further afield with the next one. This is a pine wood that is around 1 hour from campus. Why not take a day to explore this area? You can do a nice circular route that begins at the University and takes you in a circuit near Morrisons, with some great views over Beacon Hill. This lesser known woodland is a great place for a walk. You can access the route here.

Image Source: Huxham Wood // Amie Greenhalgh

Mincinglake Valley Park

This is an Exeter classic and probably one of the more well-known suggestions on this list. Mincinglake Valley Park spans from near the university towards Morrisons, so this one is great for people who live both on campus and off campus. Though a popular choice, it is a worthy one, nonetheless. You can access the route here.

Image Source: Mincinglake Valley Park // Amie Greenhalgh

Stoke Wood

To finish with an option slightly closer to home. Around 30 minutes from the university campus is Stoke Wood. This woodland has many trails as well as a viewpoint for the River Exe. It also features some of the oldest and largest trees in Exeter. You can access the route here.

Image Source: Stoke Wood // Amie Greenhalgh

Whilst the Quay is a great place to walk, sometimes you just want to explore somewhere new and these are the perfect places to start.

Amie Greenhalgh

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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