Review: Confetti by Little Mix

Little Mix’s sixth studio album, Confetti, has once again confirmed why the band won The X Factor. Nearly a decade after their appearance on the talent show, the girls now have their own show to their name; Little Mix: The Search, with contestants competing to support the band on their upcoming tour – and supporting this album will be no mean feat. Their sixth record proves how they earned their right to sit on the other side of the judges table – Confetti is filled to the brim with pop bangers, full of fun and sass. Yes, the album is just what you expect from the four piece, but the perfect harmonies and playful lyrics that have defined their last five releases are what make Little Mix Britain’s best girl band and this record is no exception to that.

A celebration of their departure from the label they were signed to on winning The X Factor, the first single from Confetti was released in October. ‘Not a Pop Song’ addresses the expectations placed on the band when they were first signed by Simon Cowell in 2011 – and how they feel now they are no longer signed to Syco Music. ‘I don’t do what Simon says/Get the message cos it’s read’, proclaim the girls; giving us an insight into how they were treated by the record label. This song is enough to tell us just why they set about creating their own talent show. Although seemingly similar to the show that introduced them to us, Little Mix: The Search was much different to the ITV mainstay, with contestant welfare and aftercare at the fore. The show, which aired throughout this year, was much kinder and relaxed than The X Factor and other TV talent shows, with reviews noting how genuine the feedback and advice the girls gave the contestants was.

‘Sweet Melody’ is both a fan and TikTok favourite. The song is about being blind to the behaviour of an ex – with much speculation surrounding which girls’ ex-partner is being referenced. But taking a step back from the gossip surrounding the track, it’s a classic Little Mix song; empowering and sexy, with perfect pop production provided by the previously Grammy nominated musician and producer, MNEK. To accompany the song, the girls released an equally confident choreographed music video, perfectly ready to be reinterpreted on TikTok.

Other stand out tracks on the album include title track, ‘Confetti’, another declaration of independence – whether that’s independence following a breakup or independence from their previous record label, this track is a dance ready celebration of freedom and perfectly encompasses the rest of the album. ‘Rendezvous’ also stands out as a grown up, classically Little Mix track, one which I find myself humming all the time. 

Although the album does feel very familiar on first listen, this definitely isn’t a bad thing. Confetti has been the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea post Zoom seminar – while really hoping I’ve definitely left the call so no one can see me using my pencil case as a microphone. Much like Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia released at the start of the first lockdown, this is another feel-good record full of tracks to get dancing too floor – even if the dance floor is the kitchen.

Tilly Attrill

Featured Image Source: Still from ‘Holiday’ via Little Mix // YouTube

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