Review: ‘Good Days’ by SZA

While the monotonous days of COVID-19 may not be the best, this song definitely is. For those who have been living under a rock this past month, ‘Good Days’ is the latest single to be released by R&B icon SZA. Arguably one of the hottest contemporary R&B artists in the game right now, SZA truly delivers with this track as she combines her unmatched vocals with a chilling melody to provide 4 minutes 40 seconds of pure bliss.

Tried and tested, ‘Good Days’ has the capacity to lift you out of those lockdown blues and transport you to a world much more tranquil than what we have become accustomed to this past year. With the song’s opening melody incorporating sounds of children playing and birds singing, SZA manages to turn woeful memories into a peaceful reminder of better days. If a quick fix of joy is what you need, this is the song for you.

Eugenie Cockle

Featured Image Source: Still via ‘Good Days’, SZA // YouTube

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