Reading Corner: “Maybe You Should Talk To Someone” by Lori Gottlieb

While through most of 2020, reading was one of my top pastimes, in this third lockdown – just as others might have lost the urge to bake sourdough bread – I lost the motivation to read. After forcing myself through books for my English modules, I mindlessly scrolled through Instagram and Pinterest in the evenings, occasionally adding books to my “want to read” list.

When a friend and I were discussing this general lack of motivation on one of our regular phone calls, we started sharing our favourite online mental health resources, and she eventually suggested putting the phone away for a bit to read Maybe you should talk to someone by Lori Gottlieb. The memoir allows you to peak into Gottlieb’s everyday professional life as an LA therapist while simultaneously accompanying her therapy journey initiated by an unexpected breakup. It is easy to believe that your problems are unique and yours alone. However, when reading about the fictional characters based on Gottlieb’s real-life patients, you quickly realise how most problems (and probably your own) stem from shared human experiences, such as the fear of failing, leading an insignificant life, or getting older.  

Gottlieb continuously stresses that therapy is not a magical cure and that therapists are only human and struggling. She, nevertheless, will make you marvel at how characters can improve overtime when they work up the courage to start therapy to understand themselves. These stories, paired with short explanations about the basic concepts of therapy, show that sitting down and talking to someone (this someone not being your flatmate or co-worker) can give somebody a new perspective that triggers changes and progress.  

Already published in 2019, the global pandemic and its impact on mental health have made Maybe you should talk to someone more relevant than ever as it addresses topics that need to be discussed urgently. It debunks myths about therapy and gives hope about the possibility to change and heal. 

-Anne Pechtold

Featured Image Source: Writer’s Own Photo

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