Review: Yes Day

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Do you enjoy a happy-go-lucky film? Are you looking for something you can watch with friends or family? Well, Yes Day ticked all of my boxes for a feel-good movie which is easy on the brain, yet still engaging until the very end.

I settled down to watch this film cosied up in my dressing gown with a cup of coffee, and it was just the tonic I needed after a long week of Uni work. Yes Day was released on Netflix on Friday 12 March and I can already vouch for its place in Netflix’s Top 10.

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As a quick summary, a family is growing apart as a teenage daughter’s need to spread her wings is contending against her mother’s concern to look after her children, and what used to be an open and fun-loving couple are now raising a family in which the key word is “no”. However, after a concerned word at parent’s evening and some well-timed advice from a school employee, both Allison and Carlos agree to say YES to anything their children ask for for a whole 24 hours – which we then follow.

Although arguably far-fetched at some points (which I personally find to magnify the guilty pleasure aspect of this easy-going movie), this film was elevated by certain aspects of realism. These included rules stipulated around ‘Yes Day’, such as no illegal requests and the children had to work up to a specific date and earn their ‘Yes Day’ through doing well in school and helping around the home.

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Jenifer Garner plays a believable mother whom even I (a childless student) can identify with – a key moment being her fight for a pink, fluffy gorilla at a fairground. Garner and Édgar Ramírez (aka Dad) made a relatable couple and, despite the variety of ages within the cast, the family was convincing throughout. Meanwhile, Jenna Ortega, who you may recognise as Ellie Alves from You, plays a teenager I can very much remember being myself. Both Julian Lerner and Everly Carganilla were new on screen for me, but each one portrayed ecstatic siblings in an endearing manner.

The film’s playful atmosphere was made all the better with nods to Garner’s prior films, such as 13 Going on 30, in which her character of teenage girl Jenna Rink, whom had been fast forwarded to life as an adult was paralleled, alongside some pop culture features including a cameo of musician H.E.R. From re-watching the trailer, I think it’s safe to mention some moments which I fully intend to recreate in my life. These include driving through a car wash with my windows down and hosting my own tournament of “Kablowey”.

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This fast-paced film really packed in the scenes as we moved from each ‘Yes Day’ activity, yet toward the end managed to create a feeling of safety and unity which I admit made me a little watery eyed. Yes Day is definitely a good film to watch if you want to get either of your parents into that “children are the greatest gift” mood.

We, of course, can’t watch Yes Day without having a throwback to Yes Man (which I would thoroughly recommend if you can’t get enough of this film when finished), in which Jim Carrey plays a man whose life is turned around as he begins to say “Yes” to every opportunity.

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Considering the challenging times we are all going through, I would definitely recommend watching this film, and encourage all of us to try a ‘Yes Day’ of our own.

Ellie Doherr

Featured Image Source: Still via Yes Day Trailer, Netflix // YouTube.

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