My Favourite Friends Moments

*Spoiler Alert for first time Friends viewers*

There is only one show I can watch constantly – no matter which episode, no matter which season, no matter how many times I have the characters all before. That is the power of Friends. Since it ended, over 17 years ago, Friends has been watched over 100 billion times across all platforms and with good reason. Combining laughter and comedy with heartfelt relationships, Friends is a show that stands the test of time and will continue to do so for years to come. The recent highly anticipated Friends Reunion served as a reminder of the unbelievable chemistry of the cast and the lasting impact the show has had. Despite the more scripted moments of the Reunion and the a few unnecessary guest stars, the show reminded me and many other views of the magic of Friends and some of my favourite moments.

  1. “The Last One”

It is impossible to create this list without acknowledging the final episode. 52 million people tuned in for the finale when it aired in 2004. It is hard to believe that I was only three years old when this episode aired, yet the show since then has had a big impact on me. This episode is the perfect ending, hinting at what is to come for each of these much-loved characters and portraying that crucial moment when they are finding their paths in life. It is emotional and heart-breaking to see it end, but it still has those moments of laughter that make Friends what it is.

2. “The One where Ross is Fine”

Though Rachel and Joey are a thing in this one – I still don’t know why that happened – this is perhaps one of my favourite episodes of all time. David Schwimmer does an incredible job of playing Ross in this one. It is just hilarious and never fails to make me laugh. I may be a little biased because Ross is my favourite character on the show, but I would argue this is one of the funniest episodes.

Jennifer Aniston Pain GIF
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3. “The One Where Everyone Finds Out”

This episode features the iconic line: “They don’t know that we know they know we know” – which is probably one of my personal favourites. I love the games between the group of friends and the chemistry between the actors really comes across in these competitive moments. It was an ingenious way of everyone finding out about Monica and Chandler.

4. “The One with the Proposal, Part 2”

As well as humour, Friends also features empowering moments for its audiences. Young people can relate to these characters who are stumbling through life trying to find their way. Women in particular were inspired to see Monica propose to Chandler, going against the typical gender norms and showing the emotional side of men too.

5. “The One with the Sonogram at the End”

The main reason this episode made the list is for the sibling dynamics between Ross and Monica. This brings a whole new dimension of family to the show. I also enjoy the earlier seasons because the actors are so new and fresh to the job you can almost see them laughing at other people’s jokes too. Though others may see this as unprofessional, I like that you can see the less polished nature of the show.

There are so many incredible moments of Friends to choose from: the iconic “pivot!”, “we were on a break”. and the holiday armadillo. All of these moments stuck with audiences for years afterwards, and will continue to do so for generations to come. Will there be another show like it? I find that hard to believe.

-Amie Greenhalgh

Featured Image Source: Still via Netflix Trailer / Youtube

Source: Sky News for Statistics

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Friends Moments

  1. I just started watching friends and it’s so beautiful. I mean I wish I had friends like Ross, Monica, Rachealll, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey.
    It’s really an amazing show.

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