Single Review: Solar Power by Lorde

Nearly four years since the release of Melodrama, and three since she left social media, Lorde has finally returned with her first glowing single off the long-awaited L3 – ‘Solar Power’. An ironically warm tune considering the time Ella spent in Antarctica in the process of making this album, ‘Solar Power’ summons us into a world of limitless summer afternoons, endless beaches, and glistening seas. As fans on Twitter have speculated, reading between the lines of the music video points to a less than joyous scene, while the song itself excitingly invites us to “come on and let the bliss begin”. In an email sent shortly after the single’s official release (perfectly timed, despite leaks and rumours, to be on the night of this year’s only solar eclipse), Ella announced that L3 also has a name, also titled Solar power, and a release date sometime this summer, tied to the ‘natural calendar’.

Midway through the track, Ella provides an explanation for her prolonged absence from social media, laughing as she tells us how she has thrown her phone into the sea – “can you reach me? No, you can’t”. In interviews since the release on Friday 11 June, she has confirmed that rather than the return to Twitter and Instagram that many had hoped for, she will continue to send updates about Solar Power via her email newsletter – and props to her, if I had the self-restraint and was able to get off my phone, dance on gorgeous New Zealand beaches with my friends, and bake sourdough, I would too.

‘Solar Power’ isn’t as flashy and upbeat as the first single from Melodrama, ‘Green Light’, but it is the perfect way to welcome Lorde back into our lives. I for one cannot wait to base my entire personality around the new album for the next few months (or years) – and I’m sure everyone else in my life is happy that for a while I will be able to stop tweeting different variations of “I miss Lorde” every three weeks.

Tilly Attrill

Featured Image Source: Still via Lorde – Solar Power // YouTube

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