Creative Corner: Developing a YouTube Channel

Lately I have been very inspired and motivated to develop my social media and my presence on the web as a writer. After feeding on multiple classes on productivity and development I understood that discipline is the only secret recipe to grow and reach your goals in every domain. This realisation boosted my intention to finally stop complaining about my lack of attention and development on social media, motivating me to start acting on that issue in a concrete way. I have been posting on YouTube for quite some time and stopped growing with my subscribers a long time ago. This lack of growth was due to my inconsistency in the platform and my constant belief that my content was not promoted by the platform. It was YouTube’s fault if I was not growing right?

This belief prevented me from actively improving my content for months. Since I realised I was the main obstacle for my growth I made it my goal to be consistent with posting and try to improve the quality of my content to attract more viewers. My YouTube channel goes under the name of “Lisa Greghi” and treats mainly lifestyle content but also videos related to productivity and school. Finally, I am happier about what I produce and the way I deliver it to the public, viewing growth as an objective second to producing good quality content. Considering the modern request of social media to connect every possible platform to my main content I also decided to work more on the development of my Facebook and Instagram accounts which feature writing content and my LinkedIn account to develop my professional connections. To create almost all of the posts I feature on those pages I have been using Canva, ending up loving it! Digital creation is my cup of tea!

Lisa Greghi

Featured Image Source: Lisa Greghi

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