Culture Comforts: The Process (Podcast Noor)

“And, how is your heart today?,” Noor Tagouri asks her guests at the end of a podcast episode.  Although I’ve dipped in and out of this podcast, The Process (Podcast Noor), frequently over the past six months, the question still helps me to pause and take a moment in my day to check in with myself.

 The multiple lockdowns and subsequent social deprivation of the past year and a half has left many people overwhelmed with the sudden onslaught of bustle that defines university and general life going ‘back to normal’. Amidst organising coffee dates, reunions, course reading schedules and starting the dreaded graduate job search, Noor’s gentle voice and discerning questions have helped to keep me grounded.

An interview series that is driven by the curator’s self-professed ‘natural curiosity’, The Process is a podcast that revels in storytelling, particularly the ability to tell your own story. In one of my favourite episodes, Noor and her guest, Philip Lim, the American fashion designer, prepare and cook his mother’s Thai basil chicken recipe whilst discussing Lim’s career.

The podcast is a moving homage that does not shy away from the difficulties and joys of living in the newly emerging post-pandemic 21st century.

Tabitha Hannam

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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