Diana at 60: Effortlessly Timeless

As 2021 marks the 60th birthday of Princess Diana, it seems fitting to take a look back at some of her signature looks, exploring the ways in which her style choices prove to be timeless and perfectly adaptable to modern fashion.  

Princess Diana has always been a fashion icon, someone we can look at almost as an influencer of the past. She always managed to look flawless in front of the cameras thanks to her scrupulous attention to detail in every outfit she wore. Mixed with a healthy dose of her distinguished personality, this royal icon was and still is a trendsetter. 

The first timeless look we will examine is a dress in leopard print. This print keeps being incredibly popular in 2021, featured across the majority of brands through their clothes and accessories. In this picture, Princess Diana wears the print on a flowy dress that falls just past her knee, being both trendy and relatively modest. We could certainly wear this outfit the beach or at a party in the summer. This look is definitely timeless and we could recreate it by adapting it to modern fashion, choosing either a maxi dress or a mini dress according to our personal taste. 

Websites like Shein have some cheaper options someone could consider. Macys also sells similar animal print dresses, both long and short. While they are a little more high end, they can prove to be the perfect choice to replicate the look. For accessories, Princess Diana chose a simple pair of sunglasses; however, the look can be paired with heels and a necklace, making it more edgy and perfect for an official occasion. 

The second outfit I would like to consider is incredibly modern and, as the other, timeless. Black is a colour that everyone likes to wear, so it seems to give the right degree of importance to every event. Wearing black denim is considered respectable, a black jacket is serious and a black dress endlessly elegant. This is how Princess Diana looks in the picture below, shining in her black mini-dress. Her dress can be replicated with any casual cocktail dress, but for the replica to be exact, we need to observe some very important details. In the first place, the neckline needs to be very broad, and the sleeves have to lie off the shoulders. Secondly, Diana complements the open neckline with a chunky statement pearl necklace. This detail enhances the beauty of the décolletage and the face, allowing anyone wearing this look to look stunning. Princess Diana also wore black tights or stockings under the dress, but this detail can be exchanged with nude tights or even no tights at all. A similar dress can be found for an affordable price on Lulus a pretty high end price on Nordstrom

Image Credit: Still via The Sunday Times Style // YouTube

There isn’t much more to say about Princess Diana’s outfits. Anything she wore can be adapted to modern times because she was able to look ahead of time and make a fashion statement that is still relevant in our modern times.

– Lisa Greghi

Featured Image Source: Still via The Sunday Times Style // YouTube

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