Reading Corner: The Poetry of Erin Hanson

I promise I will save you,

When you cannot stay afloat,

And if your tears can fill an ocean,

Then for you I’ll be a boat.


Poem Source: Tumblr

Upon scrolling through Pinterest in 2017, I came across a poem by Erin Hanson. You may have seen her poems on Pinterest or other social media platforms, identifiable by her handle: e.h. The poem stuck with me, and that Christmas her poetry books were at the top of my wish list. Her works range in length from softly flowing longer pieces to introspective one-liners. If ever I feel reflective, I pick up one of her poetry books and with a quick flick I can find joyful poems, sad poems, poems dealing with grief, poems dealing with love and poems dealing with every emotion in between. No matter the poem, they are written in a way that is magical, enchanting, poignant, wistful, peaceful, thought-provoking, and powerful.

All of the poems are very personal to the poet and have a unique simplicity in their rawness. Yet though they are personal, they are astonishingly relatable and with the wisdom of a soul much older than 19 years, the poems have a true essence. I am jealous of those of you who have not read her work for I would sell my soul to be able to read these for the first time again. I guarantee that if you give her poems a read, you will discover a piece of yourself within them.

Though I highly recommend buying her 3 poetry books, The Poetic Underground, The Poetic Underground #2, and The Reverie, you can read her poems for free on Erin’s Tumblr:

My favourite Erin Hanson poems: Lifeboat, For Yourself, Greener Grass, Fade, Depths, Secret Keepers.

Poppy Pearce

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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