Can Pornography Be Useful?

Pornography is undeniably a sensitive and controversial topic, because despite how many people consume it, can be undeniably harmful, especially for younger people. Many of the porn videos include extreme content that is abusive and disrespectful. However, pornography can also have a positive role in adults’ lives, a topic that shouldn’t surprise, considering that everything has both positive and negative sides. 

In fact, The first thing that we must do when considering porn, is learn how to navigate the phornographic content in a safe way. Everything can have a positive side to it if we know how to use it and benefit from it. This can be true for everything, healthy eating is healthy if you learn how to prepare and manage the ingredients; if you ate 15 bananas a day, you would end up in hospital. So the first way to benefit from porn is to learn which videos of the industry are the safest to watch, containing adult content that does not develop into violence and degradation. Or, on the other hand, if you consider violence appealing, it is important to learn the difference from fiction in reality, because the actors in the industry are paid to pretend to like everything that is done to them. It is important that when having sex in real life, people learn not to expect their partners to perform and enjoy the extreme acts we can withess in porn. Lastly, part of the process of learning how to navigate pornographic content, is to learn not to abuse of it. Like in the example of the banana, everything is enjoyable when taken in moderation. Countless studies show that a constant consumption of porn can lead to the desire to access increasingly extreme content, because the simple act of sex becomes bland to their eyes, losing its excitement. It is therefore important to learn and recognise if our porn consumption makes us increasingly dependent, because it is important to learn how to ask for help, since porn too often does become an addiction. 

Once having mastered our way inside pornography, it is true that there are benefits and interesting takeaways to to it. The first positive role pornography can have in someone’s life, is to show people what it is like to be disrespected and abused, offering an important resource people can learn from, identifying what is unacceptable in their private sexual life, making sure to respect their partner. Secondly, porn can help to achieve sexual pleasure when lacking a partner. Especially during times like lockdown, when physical contact was reduced to zero, people could still have some degree of pleasure and excitement through it. Also within a relationship, people shouldn’t underestimate the importance of exploring their bodies and obtaining sexual pleasure alone. Another interesting takeaway from porn, ban be ways to explore the body not only with our hands, but also with the use of sex toys that still receive a lot of shame from modern culture, but should instead be seen as a possibility to explore sexual pleasure. Furthermore, talking with a partner about using toys can help a sexual relationship to become more interesting and satisfying for both parties. 

It is undeniable that coming into contact with pornography before having experienced sex first hand is harmful for young minds that are unable to distinguish between acting and reality. The industry must also be criticised due to its lack of regulation over the limits actors can be brought to during filming. In fact, generally, there are no limits to the extents in which people can manipulate other people’s bodies during the sexual act, since the moderators have to intervene only in case the actor is close to fainting or is causing serious harm to themselves or others, often resulting in violent unrestrained content.  But with all the negativity in mind, it is still possible to explore sexuality through porn in a healthy and satisfying way, spicing up sexual life and learning about the dangers of unhealthy and violent sex. 

– Lisa Greghi

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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