Sex Toys: How to Add a New Dimension to Your Bedroom

One of the most frequent reactions to the idea of using adult toys for the first time is a feeling of reluctance, and potentially of discomfort. Many of us might not even completely register where our hesitation to experiment with sex toys comes from – oftentimes, it originates from fears associated with venturing into the unknown. In the modern age, stigma also stems from a fear that women will become dependent on toys for pleasure and are therefore seen as a threat to the fragile masculinity of male partners. But, there are plenty of good reasons why you should cast your doubts aside and give toys a go, and I’m here to tell you how.

There comes a time in every individual’s life where they look at their hand and think: “I want more.” Toys can add an entire new dimension of enjoyment and satisfaction to both solo and partner play, no matter your gender. Adult toys can play a key role in boosting women’s exploration of their bodies and sexuality, as 71 per cent of women ages 18-34 are of the opinion that making use of adult toys adds intimacy in the bedroom. Some of the very first adult toys we’re exposed to are simple products kept around the home. So if you can’t spare the price of a dildo, there are a lot of homemade adult toys for your use. For instance, a plain eye mask can work superbly for your BDSM play.

However, the great thing about the adult toys industry is people are always imagining brand new and innovative ways to create new ones. While this is amazing for making sure that you have freedom of choice when it comes to assisted pleasure, it does make it a bit tough to make a snap decision while trying to purchase a toy after looking at shelf after shelf of orgasm-promising sexcessories at your local sex shop. There’s also the price factor of more complex adult toys for those who want to experiment. Whether you’re after O-inducing vulva vibrations or prostate pleasing toys, you’re guaranteed to find the key to a dazzling climax. 

A beginner’s plug is an ideal place to start. They have small ends that widen toward the middle and then taper to a slim neck at the base so your rectum can accommodate them easily. Begin with the smallest one you can find, and work your way up. Make sure to choose silicone over glass or steel, as silicone has more give, it’s smooth and it’s not difficult to insert. Curved prostate massagers are a further alternative for males – super powerful and shaped to put pressure on the perineum and the prostate.

Of course, at the mention of sex toys, the first products to come to mind are probably dildos and vibes. Dildos are adult toys which are perfect for those who like something a little more true to life during their play – cheap, adored by many, and very versatile. The wide assortment of super lifelike and non-anatomical dildos means there’s something for everyone. 

As a result of the many choices with harnesses, they’re also ideal for lesbian partners who want a penetrating strap-on addition. Another alternative vibrator is a remote control love egg, which makes for flawless enjoyment as it sits inside the vagina – perfect toys for inside exploration.

It is also important to discuss lube, as it goes hand in hand with toy-usage and sexual experiences more generally. There’s a common misunderstanding that lube is an additional accompaniment most individuals don’t need, when really, it can definitely add to every intimate affair. 

Prior to shopping, it’s important to know which ingredients are going to work for the kind of sexual intercourse you’re having, whether you’ll be making use of condoms or adding adult toys, and which you should keep away from. The right lube can enhance enjoyable sensations throughout sex, but some formulas contain Benzocaine, a numbing additive, which can give rise to allergic contact dermatitis and should be steered clear of. Usually, the best option is water-based lube, which is compatible with sex toys and condoms, as well as working well for anal.

I hope I have persuaded you to add a devilish dimension to your next rendezvous, and to get a greater grasp of what makes you tingle, by introducing sex toys to the bedroom – and if he’s complaining that they give you better orgasms than he can, dump him.

Bridie Adams

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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