Discover Devon: A Rainy Day in Totnes

Totnes is yet another of the many beautiful historical towns that South Devon has to offer. The town dates all the way back to 907 AD and is home to cobbled streets, a castle and lots more heritage to be uncovered. Back in December, I boarded the train and headed there to explore. 

Image Source: Totnes // Amie Greenhalgh

I hadn’t heard all that much about Totnes other than the name from the train announcements when heading to Torquay however, I was very impressed by my day trip. We boarded the train at Exeter St David’s for the Penzance/Plymouth train. With a 16-25 railcard, the price of an open return is only £5.05 making this a very cheap but cheerful day out. Given the recent weather, train lines have been disrupted so, if you’re planning on heading to Totnes soon that is something you should check before you travel. 

Just over 30 minutes later, we arrived in Totnes and headed towards the town centre. There is no denying that this is a small town but, it is also very beautiful! Though the weather was not great, I could still appreciate the beauty of the streets. In true Devon fashion, the path up to the town centre is a little hilly but, once you’re at the top, it mainly flattens out. The walk from the station also takes you alongside Totnes Castle. This is an English Heritage site and therefore, has an entrance fee of £5.90 (including a donation) with a valid student card. The castle was founded after the Norman conquest and is a classic motte and bailey castle. Though I didn’t pay the admission myself, apparently there are some great views of Totnes and the River Dart from the top of the keep. 

Image Source: River Dart // Amie Greenhalgh

One of my personal highlights was the array of charity shops and second-hand bookshops that this town had to offer. If you love a bargain book like I do, then this would be a great place for a day out. I picked up some really great ones – and relatively new releases too! Another great moment of the trip was the bakery! It has become somewhat of a tradition to treat ourselves to baked goods when we go on days out and Totnes was no different. We headed to the outskirts of the town centre to Food for Thought, a lovely independent bakery that had some incredible looking cakes and sweet treats. I bought myself a Raspberry Ripple Flapjack and it was so delicious! It began my new obsession with flapjacks, it was so good. My boyfriend purchased a pasty (naturally) so, if you’re more of a savoury-treat person, there’s lots of options for everyone! 

We walked to the park besides the River Dart and sat on a wet bench to enjoy our treats. But the rain wasn’t enough to put a dampener on a great day out. If you’re looking for a nice afternoon out with independent shops and lots of heritage, Totnes would be a great choice. 

Amie Greenhalgh

Featured Image Source: Totnes Castle // Amie Greenhalgh

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