Culture Comforts: One Direction

As the end of second term arrives, along with upcoming exams and deadlines to be met, so do rising
stress levels. Recently I’ve fallen back into early 2010s cheesy music, in particular One Direction.
Numerous memories are relived in their short 3 minute songs. Listening to One Direction’s “Best Song
Ever” reminds me of dancing in the kitchen with my two One Direction mad primary school best friends at
11 years old. We belted those lyrics at the top of our lungs as if we had a clue about feelings they
alluded to. And so, as we continue to wait for their ’18-month’ hiatus to be over, I would recommend
giving them a listen during this stressful time. I hope they give you the comfort they have me over the last few weeks.

– Rachel McEwan

Featured Image Source: Still via Youtube // One Direction – Best Song Ever / One Direction

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