Culture Comforts: Friends

The TV series Friends is not a recent release however, since it was added to Netflix’s catalog, a new audience from across the globe has been introduced to the popular American sitcom. I am not new to Friends; when I was ten my family each had a day when we could choose what to watch on TV and my sister and I always chose Friends. We watched them so often that we learned them by heart! We went back to the series every time we wanted something familiar to watch. Finding the series again on Netflix brought back all of the memories from my childhood and being with my family. I watch the episodes every time I feel sad or lonely, or just need to feel closer to my mother and sister. I don’t even need to watch the screen to know what is happening but, regardless of how many times I have seen the episodes, I still go back to them for the memories they carry.

– Lisa Greghi

Featured Image Source: Still via Youtube // Friends On Netflix – Warner Bros. TV

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