The Definitive Easter Egg Ranking

Note: At RAZZ, we are of course aware that Easter is first and foremost a religious holiday. This article is not meant to offend or make light of anyone’s religious beliefs. 

With Easter fast approaching, it is about time we started talking about the very important decision you have to make. You’re in Tesco, perusing the selection of Easter eggs…. Which one should you choose? What if you pick the wrong one? Well, don’t you worry, RAZZ has got your back. I’ll be breaking down for you the best of the best Easter eggs. Some of you may disagree, which is in your (incorrect) prerogative. This is THE definitive Easter egg ranking.

5. The Flake Egg 

The Flake to me is the OG egg, it’s a classic and for good reason. I have fond memories of swapping Easter eggs with my sister so she could have all of the Crème Egg and I could have the Flakes. To be honest, this could be substituted for any of Cadbury’s selection…. the Chocolate Fingers, Twirl, Dairy Milk. You just can’t go wrong with any of those. 

4. Aero’s Egg 

As long as it doesn’t have mint chocolate in, the Aero egg is next up on the list.  Aero is an underrated chocolate in my opinion. Does it have air bubbles? Yes. Is it the less sought after Nestle? Yes. But it’s also still a great option and very dunkable in tea. That is a very big requirement for me, and you can ridicule all you want, dunk the chocolate in the tea and it will change your life

3. Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Egg 

For the most expensive option on this list, we have Lindt. Lindt is about as ‘highbrow’ in chocolate that I go and I’m a big fan of the Lindt Truffle balls. This one is for those of you who want a little extra deluxe chocolate treat for Easter. The Gold Bunny is also just synonymous with this time of year so, Lindt had to make it onto list somewhere! 

2. The Galaxy Egg (but NOT The Golden Eggs one….)

Okay, this one has a big asterisk. It MUST be the Galaxy Egg with the Ripples and not the Golden Eggs because those just drastically reduce the rating. Galaxy is bordering on an addiction for me and is basically part of my personality at this point so, it’s unsurprising that it makes it onto the list and in a high spot too. 

1. Maltesers Teasers Egg 

Apparently, my pick for the top Easter egg is quite controversial with my friend declaring that this one can “get in the bin.” However, in my opinion, Maltesers is another underrated chocolate, and it is about time it got the love it deserves. The Maltesers Teasers bars that come with this egg are another example of top tier chocolate so, this egg had to take the number one spot.

As a self-diagnosed chocaholic, I feel as if I have the authority on this matter and these Easter eggs are the best of the best. A Galaxy lover at heart, I am often ridiculed for my basic chocolate choice, and they may be right. My tastes aren’t filled with the deluxe products of Hotel Chocolat or with additional extras like Crème Egg (eww) or toffee. But to me, the Easter Egg is a classic and you don’t need to spend lots of money to be in chocolate heaven – we’re working on a student budget here after all! 

Take it from someone who knows – it should be one of these five Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny is gifting you this Sunday. And…. don’t forget to dunk it in your tea! 

Amie Greenhalgh

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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